Incredible Organic Architecture by Javier Senosiain


Javier Senosiain is a Mexican architect who creates habitable spaces which are created in harmony with nature. He creates not only houses but also offices, industrial plants and public buildings like tourist offices. The key feature of his architecture projects is using materials and forms which fit perfectly into nature, complimenting their surroundings rather than disrupting them.



Most of his projects blend in into the background so a random bypasser might not even notice the building that is located there. The shapes that Javier Senosiain uses mimic the shape of the surrounding landscape and promote sustainable architecture.


The architect has created many organic houses which are made in the shape of a mushroom, a shark, a seashell and even a snake. Smooth soft lines dominate design projects to mimic natural shapes like dunes, hills and caves.

Senosiain’s organic houses balance buildings and the surroundings as the main principle making sure that the living space becomes a shelter. Landscaping also plays a vital role working together with the building protecting it from sunlight and providing warmth, shelter from the wind and reducing noise pollution. As the house is literally covered in grass, it has a natural temperature regulator maintaining perfect conditions all year round.

La Casa Orgánica, Casa Flor and Pods House are all united by the idea of comfortable yet sustainable living. The houses layouts mimic natural forms yet has everything for a fast-paced modern life. Large panoramic windows are one of the key features of the designs filling rooms with natural sunlight.


The shape of the windows is also well thought out; they can be placed anywhere and don’t have to be a standard size. Many would say that the house looks like the landscape from the Teletubbies or a Hobbit’s house fitting perfectly with its surroundings.

La Casa Orgánica was originally built more than 30 years ago with several extensions built later as the family increased in size. The site located in a Mexico City suburb is surrounded by grey concrete buildings but Senosiain didn’t want to build something that didn’t match his outlook.

As he mentions in his interview to Pin-UP Magazine: “…I figured that originally this site was green fields, so we tried to adapt that to the original context.” and it did. In the past, his project was not understood but modern architecture started to come back to nature and sustainability to respect the environment we live in.


The house features a round door just like a Hobbit house and narrow corridors which unite big purposely made spaces. Even though the layout of the rooms remind us of a cave, perfectly placed skylight windows and tasteful colors make rooms look bright and welcoming.

Javier Senosiain pays great attention to detail not only with his exterior but also interior design. All furniture is selected to carry through the form of the house and each room has its own purpose. The house was built specifically for the architect’s family and comprises of two main parts – social and private personal spaces. There are all usual rooms like the kitchen, the dining and living rooms so the house fulfils all the functionality needed for modern life. Maybe all modern houses will follow suit and fit in nature rather than destroying it.