Illustrator Captures Cities He Visits As Cut-Out Drawings


When you travel, how do you prefer to capture the moments and things you see around? Me, personally, I choose to document my trips by taking photos. Lots of photos. I used to travel with my digital camera, but now I prefer to take pictures with my phone. I’m no pro, I can’t even use the manual mode properly so I don’t really care anymore.

However, if I were an artist or an illustrator I would definitely try and sketch the places I see. Just like this Australian illustrator who is currently traveling around Europe, making sketches and then taking photo comparisons with the places he just draw. The end result is absolutely fantastic. Seriously, if you can draw, you should definitely try this, it is a great way to spice up your Instagram feed.

Originally from Australia, Maxwell Tilse moved to Europe years ago and has been exploring the capital cities ever since. After travelling around a bit, he decided to settle down for a while in London. He has been living there since 2015 working as a freelance artist and illustrator. And unlike many other artists, he actually managed to fund his travels through art.

Carrying his drawing pad and pen around he documents his journeys with cute little drawings. His travelling diary has inspired hundreds of people to get a backpack and go explore the world.

The artist admits that a lot of his inspiration comes from roaming the streets of Europe’s biggest cities. He loves architecture just as much as he loves drawing so his collection of sketches of the cityscapes comprises more than five hundred pieces now.

And as you might have noticed already, London cityscapes are dominating his Instagram feed right now. The illustrator admits that he admires this city more than anything. Its diverse architecture inspires him to create more and more unique and fascinating sketches every day.

He believes that the city of London is full of historic spots that are usually get passed by or unnoticed, and all you have to do is to look up. To celebrate his love and passion for London, he came up with the mini-series dedicated to the London pubs.

His miniature cut-out illustrations are usually 5 cm tall but they are so detailed and created with such dedication that it makes it hard not to fall in love with such meticulous work. The way he is shaping the buildings, every single detail makes it look like you are holding a real life miniature in your hand.

Did you know that Tilse’s Instagram is not just a collection of photos of sketches? In every post he provides a historical fact about the building or place and his relationship with it which makes his page not only entertaining but also educational. So, go check his page and get inspired right now!