He stole over 1.6 million dollars from an Australian bank


What would you do when running out of cash right in the middle of a party? Call friends? Borrow some money from people who are there with you? Or rush to the nearest ATM to withdraw some money from your bank account? The last option is the best for those who want to keep their independency.

Dan Saunders, barman from Wangaratta, in north-eastern Victoria (Australia), was at his pub chilling with friends after the shift. And suddenly finds his wallet absolutely empty. He knows, there should be $5 more in his bank account – just enough for another beer. But somehow he inserts $200 for withdrawal instead of $5. and now imagine his shock when the devilish machine gives away requested amount!

Dan rushes to the pub and buys booze for everyone around. The guy is smart enough to keep his mouth shut. And after his friends leave the place, he stays to be the last one to go out. Saunders rushes to the ATM to make another attempt of getting some cash that doesn’t belong to him. And this time he gets lucky again. The machine gives him requested amount although his banking account is totally empty.

At the time of the discovery, he was working as a barman on a $700 a week wage and dating a religious education teacher. He could only dream of becoming rich and experiencing all the benefits of luxury life. But suddenly he realized he had unlimited access to insane riches. And he just couldn’t miss the chance.

During April 2011, Saunders had a fantastic helicopter trip to the Blue Mountains to stay at the $2000-a-night Emirates Resort with two hot ladies and went horse riding with with them.

The debauchery saw Saunders carry $80,000 in a Hilton Hotel laundry bag. Dan also payed $90,000 to fly to an isolated Asian island for a weekend away with friends, as he wished to let them try the real taste of life. Together with it they had numerous trips with expensive dinner parties, including an $8000 evening at Sydney’s Rockpool. Sky is the limit when you have tons of cash without having to work daily for that.

This guy has wasted about $1,6 million dollars. And one day he woke up to realize he was actually an international criminal. That was a huge stress for him. He was afraid of every stranger passing buy and thought police will grab him sooner or later. But nothing happened. And he just kept returning to the ATM over and over again. His anxiety level skyrocketed and poor guy took himself to the police station to full confession.

First, the officers couldn’t believe their eyes and ears. The silly guy in front of them didn’t look like a wily criminal. So, they called to bank and started a thorough investigation. Dan was arrested and is waiting for the penalty. But when asked about his rich life, he says it was definitely worth it. And they had real fun. Lived as if there was no tomorrow. Saunders says he would never changed that if he had chance.