FatCatArt Combines Two Of The Best Things In Life


As you can probably imagine from the ever so mysterious title of this article, there’s a website called FatCatArt  . And it combines fat cats and art. If you’re still not sold on the concept of creating and/or improving art with the imagery of Rubenesque felines, I’m not sure what else I can say to convince you.


This website confirms the unspoken fact that cats, especially the fat ones, make everything better. Just take that boring painting that’s been hanging on your wall for over a decade, and add a fat cat to it. Suddenly you’ve got an eye catcher that’ll liven up any dinner party you plan on throwing.

The website does many things. It’s either adding the cats to classical art, but they also add fat cats to memes, pop culture imagery and just random pictures.


As if that’s not awesome enough, every picture features a small story about why the cat is in the image in the first place. It may not seem like much, but I do like the extra effort they put into it. It’s one thing to put a fat cat into a painting, it’s another thing entirely to tell the tale of Zarathustra the Cat and her journey through art both modern, contemporary and original.

Be sure to put FatCatArt in your bookmarks and keep up to date on Zarathustra’s crazy adventures. It’s the best diversion you can think of at work, I give it a 10/10. Your boss might not be so excited about it. Practice those alt-tabbing skills. Seriously, fat cats are funny but don’t get yourself fired. Oh, by the way: they also have a web shop where you can buy actual canvas prints of the fat cat art. It’s not cheap, but it’s probably worth every penny.