Fake Freckles Is The Hottest New Trend


Freckles have always been a debatable topic. Some people make fun of those who have speckled faces while others admire them and would love to have cute sun spots on their own faces. Haters might be simply jealous because everyone who has freckles stands out from the crowd, and it’s certainly one of the most distinct features that adds playfulness to your visage.

These days, freckles are considered highly fashionable in the socio-cultural milieu. Designers and stylists decorate faces of their models with fake specks using pencils. A fresh-looking face is an undeniable fashion trend. So, if you felt insecure about your freckles and tried to cover them up, stop doing it! Moreover, people who have been dreaming of having a freckled-face look, must be over the moon now! A Kickstarter campaign called ‘Freck Yourself’ has been launched to fund their project that offers a solution for creating semi-permanent spots that doesn’t depend on your makeup skills.




The team behind the project are collecting funds to produce kits that will include 72 self-adhesive triangular stencils featuring tiny hole patterns and a formula similar to sunless tanning. If you smooth the formula over the sticker, you’ll have realistic fake sun dots on you face. The effect will last for 48 hours. If you apply them every morning you’ll have several layers of fading freckles that one would never distinguish from natural ones.
It sounds like a wonderful and effortless idea to make one’s freckled-face dream come true. A few Instagram users have already used prototype stencils to jazz up their looks. Here are their images that will definitely leave you in awe.