Facts About Bacon That’ll Make You Love It Even More


Everyone loves bacon! It’s the universal “feel good food”. But did you know that there are things about bacon that you didn’t know yet? Well, probably not because then you’d look them up and know them in the first place. I know, it was a stupid question.


Anyway, don’t let me keep you from gaining more knowledge about the marvel of science that is bacon strips. Here’s some things about it you probably didn’t know, apart from the fact that it’s delicious. Warning: vegetarians might want to stop reading here.



We’ve Been Eating It Since Before Jesus Walked The Earth
In fact we can date bacon back to nearly 1500 BC. That makes it one of the oldest processed meats in the world, and we should all respect that by eating more of it.



The First Bacon Factory Opened Back In 1770
That’s before France had a revolution and ritually beheaded their king.

Bacon Is More Appealing to Older Men
Men are claimed to like bacon more than women, and most bacon is consumed by people over the age of 34.

Kevin Bacon Has A Bacon Sculpture
It was sold off on auction a few years ago, but it’s safe to assume it hasn’t held up all that well. That said, I appreciate the joke behind this.



The Average American Consumes About 18 Pounds Annually
Of course this also shows in their health statistics. Because yes, bacon is still bad for you.

Bacon Has Addictive Properties
I mean, we all pretty much knew this, right? Once you pop, you can’t stop. The umami in it has addictive properties that will allow you to expand your mind and finally appreciate bacon for the glorious gift it is.

There’s a Bacon Religion
Yet it has very little to do with actual religion. They’re basically just atheists that like bacon. So, you know, they’re regular atheists. The United Church of Bacon is based in Vegas (of course) and has over 13000 members worldwide.

Bacon And Eggs Really Go Well Together
Both ingredients are actually matched more than half of the time either of them is eaten.