Digital Artist Traps Disney Characters In Real-Life Versions of Themselves


An artist called Mr. Super A has an art series called “Trapped” where he does pretty much what you’d expect from reading the title. He digitally slices the Disney characters up and uses them as some sort of tape prison for their real-life counterparts. Let’s take a look! Also, don’t forget to follow this guy on Instagram, he does plenty of other things too.



Woody Woodpecker
Well, this one’s fairly obvious – it’s Woody Woodpecker trapping a woodpecker. Ayup.



Multiple birds being trapped here. I do love the one bird’s head sticking out a bit.



Snow White, Bambi and Thumper
A lot going on here, let’s take a closer look at what’s going on.

I’d be inclined to argue that the painted girl looks more like Beauty than she does Snow White, but she’s getting trapped by Snow White nonetheless!



Bambi trapping a young deer, hopefully the real life one didn’t have to cope with the trauma of watching his mother die.



That’s just a cute little rabbit. He looks so proud to be in his Thumper-trap.

Alice In Wonderland
This one pretty much warrants another closer look, don’t it?



I love how he played with the colors on the flowers. Nice to see the blue and white come back.

I guess he couldn’t find a piece of art of a rabbit holding a watch. Too bad, would’ve really kicked this one up a notch.

Mickey Mouse
Well, this one’s a bit scary. Mickey doesn’t look half as friendly and inviting as he does in his animated form. Thank God someone trapped him already!

Donald Duck
I really have to give it to the artist – it’s amazing how he makes the character’s colors match the real-life variant colors. I know it’s just a duck, but still pretty clever to line up the orange and white.