Delicious Foods That Were Discovered By Accident


The Lord works in mysterious ways and everything happens for a reason. But sometimes things don’t go exactly as planned and that’s just a part of life. It doesn’t always have to be bad, though. Let’s take a look at some delicious foods that were discovered entirely by accident. Because good things happen to good people.



This was actually invented by then 11-year-old Frank Epperson back in the early 1900’s. He wanted to make his own soda, left the stirring stick in the mixture and left it outside overnight. It was freezing balls at night, and you can all guess what happened at this point.



Ice Cream Cones
Staying with the ice cream theme, ice cream cones were invented because a certain ice cream vendor, Arnold Fornachou, was in a bit of a bind in summer 1904. He ran out of plastic cups and was helped out by a pastry maker who gave him some leftover waffles and showed him how to bend them into cones.


According to Chinese legend – because they don’t have regular stories, they have legends – a cook dropped a piece of nigari into a pot of soybean milk. The following curdling effect created what we know today as tofu.

Chocolate Chip Cookies
Ruth Wakefield ran out of baker’s chocolate once in 1930. That’s exactly what happened. Instead of running to the store to grab more baker’s chocolate, she chopped up regular chocolate and put it in the batter. Thanks, Ruth!


Corn Flakes
The Kellogg brothers were actually trying to make a bread substitute when they invented corn flakes. They boiled the wheat too long and it turned into bread flakes in the oven. They later replaced the wheat with corn, and so corn flakes were born.

The Sandwich
We know John Montagu discovered the sandwich back in the 1700’s, but we’re not entirely sure why or how. No matter how the story goes, one thing is for certain: John wanted to eat his meat without having to rely on utensils so he could keep his hands clean and didn’t have to touch the meat. Two slices of bread were what followed.


Potato Chips
George Crum, back in 1853, was a cook that one day had a customer send back a batch of fried potatoes because he wanted them thinner. George made them thinner, but then the customer repeated his request multiple times until George was tired of it and sliced the potatoes as thin as he possibly could. The customer loved them, and ate the very first batch of potato chips in history.