Crypto millionaire arrested after throwing cash around


What’s wrong with modern Robin Hoods? Charity is slowly transforming into the mainstream method of earning some credits. Bloggers pretend being doers of good in front of their smartphone cameras and then do all they can to make these footages go viral. What for? Kind hearts? Internet society believes they have some other goals, which are not this good.

Recently China was shocked by a live stream, showing one of the rich kids of the country ‘having fun’. 24-year old Wong Ching Kit climbed onto the roof of a skyscraper at the corners of Fuk Wa Street and Sham Shui Po, which is one of the poorest Hong Kong areas. And he wasn’t there for a selfie. The man start throwing cash from the roof. People down the street were shocked and excited. A lot of passers by just stopped there and started catching the money.

They say he launched millions of local dollars into the crowd. Although people couldn’t enjoy this ‘gift’ from above to the fullest. Police was there in just minutes to warn everyone. They asked the crowd to stop catching the money or picking it up from the ground as it could be dangerous for health and life.

Police’s next step was catching and arresting Wong Ching Kit. If you think he was sitting there shivering and begging for mercy – you are wrong. He pulled out his smartphone and let the whole world see he was arrested. The translation hasn’t stopped even during the ride in officers’ car despite of all their warnings.

So, here the question raises: who is this guy and what are his aims? He calls himself ‘a crypto millionaire’ and claims he made all those riches with the help of cryptocurrencies. And he actually can teach everyone make a fortune from electronic money. But local crypto society claims, Wong is a scammer. They say all he does is promoting his crypto scam and social networks accounts.

Nobody knows for sure what is the truth here, but what we can see – this guy is super wealthy. Together with it he doubled the number of subscribers after this throwing cash footage went viral. Wong Ching Kit seemed to be happy while arrested and fined by the local police for having caused, through his conduct, disturbance to public order. And he actually spent only some hours in jail. He went bail for himself and soon checked into Facebook where he found the biggest support ever.

Wong says, people mostly get him wrong. He feels sorry for the poor and his only aim is to tell people more about Bitcoin and show them how to make this crypto money work for them. Without any doubt, there are ways of making real cash on Bitcoin, but do you know at least someone who became a millionaire thanks to it?

Maybe he is a genius who knows more than we do. But for this moment none of his followers is known for generating the first million with crypto currency. So, it is up to you to decide if you believe him or not.