Croc Handbags Are A Thing, Don’t Ask Me Why


Oh Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, what have you done now. Remember back in the early nillies when someone, somewhere came up with fashion’s most hated piece of footwear – the Crocs? Well, they come purse-sized now.


I fail to see how this was something we needed. It’s a horrendous handbag and apart from the fact that you’ll probably be able to personalize it with the same flower thingies you could put in the shoes, I see no reason why anyone should buy this.


Yes, Crocs have some good features too. They’re durable, they’re waterproof, they can take a beating, they’re apparently very comfortable and they’re actually nearly indestructible. But they’re just ugly pieces of equipment, aren’t they?


It’s pretty obvious that despite how we might feel about them, crocs aren’t going anywhere soon and they’re actually infiltrating more and more aspects of our life and fashion. Maybe we should all just give up and accept that they’re here to stay. Maybe buy one of those ugly purses while we’re at it.


Alright Crocs, you win. We give up. You can be a part of this society that we’ve spent so long trying to build.


Just don’t ruin everything like you ruined shoes. You’ve already gotten more than we were willing to give away.