Chinese Skyscraper Has A Waterfall Now Because Why Not

There’s three certainties in life: death, taxes and the depressing fact that no matter how far you get in life, some Asian guy will be better than you. If you thought architecture was an exception to that fact, this article will prove that it’s not.
In the Chinese town of Guiyang – which is having a major building boom after being one of the poorest provinces in China until recently – a skyscraper has become the biggest tourist attraction in a wide radius. The simple reason for that fact is that the skyscraper has a waterfall coming out of it. Not just any waterfall too – a 350 feet waterfall.





Now, while it may look impressive, I’d advise you not to book your trip immediately and go see how awesome this thing is. The waterfall requires four huge pumps that get the water all the way up those 350 feet, which estimates the cost of the waterfall at about 100$ an hour. Naturally, this means they’re only using the waterfall on special occasions. Which special occasions? I have no idea.


It’s hard to imagine this will be the last insane project in Guiyang. The Chinese government is looking to build a huge data center in the city, which would potentially attract big businesses like Apple, Google and other multinational tech giants. With that rapid injection into the Chinese economy, and specifically Guiyang’s, there’ll probably be a few more crazy skyscrapers before this is all over.