Cheap Engagement Ring Got Shamed By Jeweler But The Bride-To-Be Had A Witty Response


Who on Earth are getting married at 22? Some romantic souls, who believe love is all we need. That’s the perfect age when people just start living their lives to the fullest, meet true friends and feel they have the whole world at their feet.



If people decide to get married when they just stepped into their twenties – there should be a plan they set up for getting further together. For most couples it’s all about saving money. Ariel McRae and her husband-to-be Quinn knew they want to be together from the day they met. They were in a relationship for 2 years before both were ready to make a step forward and tie the knot. Ariel is a full-time student and her boyfriend is a auto repair advisor, so, it’s clear they won’t search for expensive diamonds at the jewelry store.

The couple saw some nice rings at the Pandora and they went to the store to take a look at them. There was a nice assistant store manager who helped them and was all kind and sweet. But out of sudden another woman came over. She checked out the purchase and said:
“Can you believe that some men get these as engagement rings? How pathetic. My boyfriend has already saved up $30,000 for our rings and he has just started.”

Who would appreciate this note? Of course, the day was ruined and Quinn felt horrible that he could not afford something more worthy as his fiancée definitely deserved it. But Ariel had something in return for that rude lady. She said: “It’s not the value of a ring but the love that matters.”

The lady found nothing to reply and just gave Ariel a long look before walking away.

Ariel couldn’t stop thinking of what happened. So, she decided to share a post on Facebook revealing this story and her thoughts on that. She wrote: “I would have gotten married to this man if it had been a 25 cent gumball machine ring.”

It received a huge callback from other users. Normally her post would get around 30 likes, but this time she received thousands of reactions and comments from the girls revealing their cheap engagement rings.



For sure, every woman deserves being treated like a princess. But sometimes you need make a choice between feelings and money. What would you choose, ladies?