Boundary Breaking Jellyfish Embroidery


Embroidery is quite an old kind of hobby. When you think of embroidery you probably imagine an old granny sitting in a rocking chair, embroidering next to a lamp with a soft yellow light. But in recent years embroidery has been revived by modern young artists. It’s been used for fun and for statement.

Boundary Breaking Jellyfish Embroidery | Zestradar

There’s multiple artists all over the world who use the medium of embroidery to get their creative ideas out into the world. Some do intricate designs, others prefer minimalist pieces, some do portraits, other embroider 3D pictures. Yuliya Kucherenko uses embroidery in a very unique way.

Boundary Breaking Jellyfish Embroidery #2 | Zestradar

Yuliya clearly loves the sea and all sorts of aquatic creatures that live in it, but it seems like Jellyfish hold a special place in her heart because that’s what she chooses to embroider and she does it with exceptional talent. Simply using embroidery string she manages to bring these creatures to life and make them look as buoyant and bouncy as they are in the water.

Boundary Breaking Jellyfish Embroidery #3 | Zestradar

She uses different colors and techniques to make them look 3 dimensional and more real, but what really takes the cake is how she literally goes outside the box and leaves multiple strings just hanging outside the embroidery ring to imitate the jellyfish tendrils.

Boundary Breaking Jellyfish Embroidery #4 | Zestradar

The result is simply mesmerizing. Yuliya will also sometimes use beads as decorations or pieces of fabric to add texture to her art. We also love how she photographs her creations. She makes sure to place her embroidery onto some green and blue tulle fabric and will surround them with beautiful seashells and starfish to imitate the background of the sea or the ocean. Such a simple solution but it really adds to the whole atmosphere and feel of her works.

Boundary Breaking Jellyfish Embroidery #5 | Zestradar

It’s not just jellyfish that Yuliya likes to embroider, she’s great at depicting fish too. It seems like the aquatic world is her forte. Yulia is a young and creative artist and she’s only starting out but you can already buy her embroidery on Etsy if you want to have one of those glorious jellyfish in your home.