Ben Churchill Creates Some Weird-Looking Desserts

The favorite part of anyone’s meal is the dessert. No use in denying it, we’re all sitting there secretly waiting for the chocolate mousse to arrive so we can munch it all in record-breaking time. The thing is, not every dessert looks exactly the way you’d expect it to. Especially not these.


These are all creations by Ben Churchill (not related to Winston as far as I can tell), who has taken it upon himself to reinvent the world of desserts. While he’s a chef by heart, he prefers to be called a “food illusionist”. All his desserts are very much laden with fat and sugar, but they look like pretty much everything you wouldn’t associate with a dessert. The visuals range from pieces of fruit – sometimes even rotten – to ash trays or pots of flowers.


It might take a while to get over the mental effect this is causing (you weren’t really going to eat that ash tray, were you?), but I can assure you all these desserts are delicious. If you want to follow up with Ben’s unique work, he has an Instagram page that’ll keep you in the loop for as much as you like. If you’re feeling doubly brave and want to attempt making some of these yourself, he also has a book called “Food Illusions” that holds all his unique recipes. Get cooking!