Artist Creates Incredible Worlds Inside Nutshells


A lot of the time, people describe something cute with the word “precious.” But rarely does something actually do that word justice – until now.


Using nutshells and creating surreal teddy bear scenes inside of them, this artist, who goes by @a.j_minibear on Instagram, brings a whole new meaning to fairytale.


By combining the adorable with the minuscule and detailed.


We are opened up not just to the beauty of the artist’s scenes, but of the natural beauty found in nature, which is equally highlighted.


There are even some videos of the artist’s process, where most of the pieces are so tiny, they have to be created using tweezers.


We love the embellished walnut shells on their own, which would make perfect lockets to hold a loved one’s photo in.


Sometimes, the artist makes full scenes with tiny dolls and tiny bears, making for sweet trinket gifts.


They always involve animals – sometimes deer and dogs make an appearance.


Some animals are hand sewn with fuzzy and soft materials like suede, while others are constructed with clay.


Often, she will place her small crafted items next to everyday items so that we can scale the size better and bring more appreciation to her attention to detail.


This work might seem cute to you, but it takes serious skill!


One slip of the finger (or tweezers) and you’re back to starting from scratch.


Sometimes, we get a glance of the artist’s more playful sides in her other posts, where she makes bear-shaped pancakes, or bear shaped bread.


Whether she has a deep rooted appreciation for Winnie the Pooh, or just for nature and its creatures, we appreciate these vintage inspired figurines that add coziness to any home.