Artist Creates Images out of Flower Petals

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What drives him now

These days, he says that his art is no longer about avoiding rejection and seeking acceptance. Now it’s something that he does to make sure he’s constantly challenging himself and staying true to the things that are important to him.

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As you can see from the past three images, Reika’s personal background plays a big role in the art he creates. Even though he lives and works in Canada now, Japanese culture is still a constant theme in a lot of his work. This includes dragons, samurai helmets, and samurai swords.

Protecting Nature

And, as we’ve mentioned before, a lot of his work also revolves around bringing attention to the topic of conserving nature and saving the animal species that are under risk of extinction now. For example, the Rose Butterfly is a critically endangered species due to climate change and the losses in the natural habitat of this Butterly species.

The Ridley Sea Turtles are native to the waters of the Gulf of Mexico, which (as we have covered in previous articles) is the most polluted sea on the planet.

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Bumblebees, Elephants, and Orangoutangs

Here are another three species of animals that are endangered.

Bumble bee populations have gone down nearly 90% since the 90s, and all of this is due to urbanization, climate change, and the widespread use of pesticides.

The Borneo Pygmy Elephants are endangered by deforestation and poaching.

The Sumatran Orangoutangs are endangered due to deforestation due to the palm oil production, poaching and habitat loss.

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