Armpit Tattoos Are The New Hot Thing To Do, According To People Cooler Than Me


I love tattoos. I mean, I’m scared of needles, I hate pain and I don’t like watching myself bleed, so obviously my body is a temple that will remain free from such defaming images. That said, I like looking at tattoos. Sometimes. I honestly don’t give half a hoot if you have one of those “I have stars on my shoulder because I’m flying through the world like it’s my galaxy” tattoos.

And since tattoos have become quite popular in the last 20 or so years, the art surrounding them has evolved very rapidly. No longer are tattoos limited to rock stars with a deck of cards on their arm. Some people put a lot of thought into their tattoo choice and location. Which is pretty much why this topic feels … weird to me. Of all places on your body, literally every place conceivable, why would you put a work of art in your armpit? Have you taken into consideration how ridiculous you look if you’re trying to show someone your new tattoo? You’re basically making them smell what the Rock is cooking.

I can respect the sheer amount of talent required to make these tattoos happen. Also, I can appreciate the person getting the tattoo not screaming everyone’s ears out when the tattoo artist starts poking that needle into his or her armpit. That’s a sensitive spot.

So if you’re looking for a new place to get a tattoo, try going for an armpit tattoo! It’ll make you cooler when you’re trying to figure out if you reek of death or not.