American Artist Reimagines Disney Princesses In Plus Sizes


The artist who used to be body-shamed all her life created a series of artworks that shows Disney Princesses as plus size models rocking the fashion world, and they look absolutely stunning.

Disney Princesses have always been role models for millions of girls out there. So it’s no wonder that more and more artists are trying to reimagine the beloved characters giving them modern day look, making them look more like regular girls.

However some of them go far and beyond, so they manage to come up with some really original ideas. Like this artist and illustrator from New York, Jonquel Norwood, who decided to make Disney Princesses look more relatable to the modern day women by dressing them in modern clothes and giving them curvy figures.

Being a body-positive activist, Norwood created a series of illustrations titled “Magic Has No Size” as a response to her bullies who used to tease her for being overweight. Throughout her childhood and teenage years, she had been bullied for looking different.

She was desperate to lose weight as she believed that this was the way to fit into the social body standards. The artist believes that Disney Princesses and the media in general could use body images that are more diverse as women come in all shapes and sizes.

Jonquel Norwood has always been a great fan of Disney Princesses, but she has also always wanted to see them as average American girls and women. So, she came up with this idea of portraying her favorite Disney girls as modern and stylish women with realistic body shapes.

Jasmine | American Artist Reimagines Disney Princesses In Plus Sizes | ZestRadar

As you can see every Princess has her own style. Norwood got inspired by the big fashion brands that design specifically for plus size. For example, Cinderella is wearing bomber jacket by Lane Bryant and cage top inspired by Society+. And Ariel is sporting a dress that looks very much like Courtney Noelle’s legendary dress.

Moana | American Artist Reimagines Disney Princesses In Plus Sizes | ZestRadar

Another thing that you have probably noticed about the girls is that they all look very glamorous and chic. They are all dressed in designer clothes, their makeup in on point, and they do not shy from wearing a lot of jewelry.

Cinderella | American Artist Reimagines Disney Princesses In Plus Sizes | ZestRadar

Jonquel Norwood created this series of art so all young girls and women would have the Princesses they could actually relate to. With her art, Norwood keeps reminding people that it doesn’t matter whether you are ‘curvy’, ‘plus size’, ‘skinny’, or ‘bulky’, what matters is an equal representation and respect for ALL bodies in the media.