Amazing Food Artist Mom Turns Sons Meals Into Art


Often, parents will make fun shapes out of their kid’s lunch in order to make veggies more appetizing for lunch. Laleh Mohmedi does the same thing – her IG tagline reads, “making healthy food fun.”



She identities as a food artist and content creator, but once you see her work, it’s clear that it’s so much more.


With the hashtag #kidsfoodart permeating much of her work, we can see how inspired by a child-like imagination her work is.

However, it’s anything but childish, as we can see from her recreation of beloved Disney characters with elegant but playful aesthetics and the perfect choice of medium.

Laleh tackles classic characters in innovative ways, like a Kermit made out of green grapes, a Pikachu made out of ravioli, and a monkey made out of cheerios.


The angry bird made out of poppy seeds and strawberry slices is a do-able and attractive fruit salad meal that you can try out on your kids if your skills aren’t up to Laleh’s Elsa from Frozen level yet.

Her food choices are creative and oftentimes healthy, making for an easy way to engage children (and, let’s be real, sometimes grown-ups) into eating their nutrients.

We particularly love her portrait work, which is little more nuanced and technical than her other styles –
she manages to capture the personality of each one so effortlessly…


This mom started her stunning work when she began creating food sculptures based on her son’s favorite TV characters, to make meals more appetizing.

She also hosts workshops if you find yourself fascinated by these skills and want to learn more, but are worried about a Pinterest gone wrong. Nailed It style result that ends up wasting food.