Adobe Stock Apparel Is The Best Thing Ever


While Adobe is primarily known for software such as Photoshop, Acrobat Reader and a plethora of other things we all pirate online (be honest), they’ve now done the best thing ever. Remember those weird, downright horrible stock photos that are very often turned into memes? Well, Adobe just released a clothing line with nothing but those pictures. Because why the hell not.

See how awkward some of these look? That’s the new you. I’ll be honest, I’d wear all of the “senior citizen on a computer” clothes to work. All the time. Of course I’d be out of a job in like two weeks tops, but it would be at least 80% worth it, and that’s nearly enough to validate spending money on these clothes + the inevitably high shipping costs that would go along with it.

And just in case you were wondering – because I was too – it’s NOT a hoax. Well, at least not entirely. The clothing range is called Adobe Stock Apparel and it’s released to promote their royalty-free image service called Adobe Stock. Sadly enough, the clothes aren’t for sale. We’re not yet allowed to become the people we were meant to be, but maybe the positive response this is getting online will either convince another company that this might be worth it or make Adobe mass-produce these.

In case you were wondering if there was more – there is. You can find the entire range here and be thoroughly surprised at how awesome these look. Well, on people that are more attractive than me. On me, they’d probably look like an average guy trying to pull off a funny shirt but failing horribly. I mean, the effort is worth something, right?