A Floating Hotel Just Opened In Sweden With Ice Bath And Views Of Aurora Borealis


Beautiful Lule River offers stunning winter landscapes during the day and breathtaking star sky panoramas at night. It used to be a big challenge to enjoy the gorgeousness of the frozen river out in the wild, but now all seekers of natural beauty can relax in the newly opened Arctic Bath hotel, which features cabins both on the ground and floating on the water. What makes this hotel so special apart from the fact that it basically floats on top of an icy river? Well, the fact that it also features a beautiful view of Aurora Borealis at night!

The hotel is located in the northern part of Lapland Sweden. Yes, supposedly Lapland is the very home of Santa Clause! A fact that only adds to the whole dream-like experience.

A Floating Hotel Just Opened In Sweden | Zestradar

Arctic Bath features six land cabins, designed by Ann Kathrin Lundkvist with huge windows that allow enjoying the breathtaking view of the natural landscape surrounding the hotel. Another six cabins are located on the river – their design was heavily inspired by timber floating methods loggers use for wood transportation.

Unique architecture and beautiful natural landscapes are among the many experiences you can get in this hotel. There are hot spa procedures, meals, prepared by a talented chef, skiing, bear watching, dogsledding, and, wait for it, a huge ice bath at the very heart of the hotel. This is one of the most unusual places in the world!

If you are looking for a special spa procedure – look no more! Head to this unique location to satisfy both your body and soul. The view of Aurora Borealis available at night is like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

The interior of the rooms is modern, simple, and highly functional. Meals served in the restaurant are all based on pure local produce. The gorgeous Scandinavian setting will transfer you hundreds of years back in time! Reservations are now open, with rates starting from $1000 (9600 Swedish Krona).