9 Classic Sculptures Dressed as Hipsters


A few years ago, French photographer Leo Caillard came upon some clever inspiration. With a big assist from the Louvre in Paris, Caillard dressed up the museum’s classic statues with modern, hipster apparel! To achieve this effect, he first had his friends pose in the same way as the statues while decked out in designer sunglasses, checkered shirts and other fashionable clothing. Then he completed the project using Photoshop. Here is a sample of some of our favorites!



Selfie Time
This hipster looks good and he knows it! That sassy t-shirt, those Ray-Bans and the unnecessarily expensive iPhone tell you all that you need to know about that dude!



Hipster Mom
Don’t let parental responsibilities stop you from living your artsy, Bohemian lifestyle.

This guy’s carefree attitude puts even other hipsters to shame!



Seeing the Light
With sweet threads like that, this hipster has a bright future indeed!

The Latest Lamb
Oh, this one acquires his livestock collection from only the most exclusive Italian farmers.



O’Bearded One
No footwear is hip enough for this hairy-faced trend-setter.

All Dolled Up
This hipster girl is getting ready for a date at an artisan coffee house. Is she planning to order another double orange mocha cappuccino? Of course not! Those were sooooooo two days ago.

Hipster Jesus
The Son of God has never looked so fashionable!



Mature Hipster
The last time that hipster washed his shirt, Rome was still a Holy Empire.

The dreaming
Well this guy is so relaxed and cool and it doesn’t make him any less of a hipster!