9 Amazing Cities for Movie Tourism


Some films are filmed in front of a green screen but there are plenty that use real locations around the world. Famous locations are easy to recognize and make them referrable for a viewer. Enjoying film and its emotions create the urge to pack your bags and get traveling to see these places.



New York
This city is so easily recognizable by Statue of Liberty that anyone immediately knows where film takes place. Such films as Ghostbusters, Goodfellas, Cloverfield and Home Alone 2, featured New York in one way or another. Times Square and Central Park are the hotspots for the tourists to explore.


The Blues Brothers, Candyman and even Home Alone all were filmed in Chicago. While in some films Chicago plays a vital role, in others like in Home Alone you can see what suburban life looks like. And if you are a fan of TV shows, The Good Wife and Shameless will take you around all the best places in Chicago.



As the capital of the UK, most British films are based here. Love Actually, Bridget Jones’s Diary and Snatch are great examples of films which will make you fall in love with London. You will notice all the truly British things like black cabs, red telephone booths and tea, what else do you need?


Paris is the city of love and that’s were most of the love films lead us. Starting with Amelie and followed by such movies as Moulin Rouge and The Dreamers you start to get the feel for real Paris, with narrow streets, freshly baked bread and Eiffel Tower.


This Moroccan location is surprisingly popular for big movies. Films like Jason Bourne, Spectre, Inception, were partially filmed in Tangier. Its unique architecture and picturesque surroundings set a perfect environment for a cinematic picture.



With recognizable places such as Red Square and St Basil’s Cathedral, it’s an ideal location for villains in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s films as well as one of the world’s famous capitals. The comedy like The Death of Stalin and action films like Mission:Impossible show the best parts about the biggest city in Russia.


Beautiful architecture, sunny weather and art, all you need to get inspired. Angels & Demons, Eat Pray Love, Gladiator give you a visual treat. Explore it for yourself enjoying history on every step, grab a nice cup of coffee and embrace the view.


Los Angeles
The city of angels brings all the biggest stars together. Most of the biographies and success stories start and end in Los Angeles. Hollywood is the place of dreams so it is the place to feel like one of the stars.



Las Vegas
What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Many romantic films and many comedies take place in Las Vegas. Seeing all the fancy hotels and all the wedding chapels inspires you to partake upon a great road trip with lots of drinking and partying. If you want to be married by Elvis, it’s your chance.