8 Safest, Most Secure Locations in the World


Military bases, libraries, secret warehouses and even a… parking lot? Turns out, there are places that are protected more heavily than the White House! For one reason or another these 8 spots are the most secure locations in the world, so don’t go trespassing or you might get shot… or worse!



Area 51
Do you believe in aliens? Because if you saw what’s hidden inside Area 51, you’d know for sure. This military base has all the best features: motion sensors, armed guards patrolling the premises 24/7, mobile frequency jammers, and so on. Deep underground you’d probably find numerous proofs of extraterrestrial life on Earth, but first you’d need to sneak through all that security.



HavenCo Data Center
Seven years ago, without any explanation, the HavenCo data center, located in a fortress on the southeast coast of Great Britain, was closed. The center opened in 2000 on the territory of a virtual state know as Siland. The company HavenCo hoped that the location on sovereign territory would save it from the restrictions of British Internet legislation. HavenCo ceased to exist in 2008. So why is it still so heavily guarded, eh?

The Secret Storehouse of the Mormon Church
Near Salt Lake City there is a repository belonging to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the largest branch of Mormonism). The bunker was built under a granite mountain at a depth of about 200 meters. The repository is designed to withstand a nuclear explosion, and the records are carefully guarded. According to the rumors, some highly secret exhibits are equipped with thermal and motion sensors.

“Pionen” Bunker
The Pionen Center was built in Stockholm so that the Swedish government could function in the event of a nuclear strike. After the cold war ended, the Internet provider Bahnhof turned “Pionen” into a data center. You can get inside through a single tunnel, and the internal infrastructure imitates an underground city: there are greenhouses, “green” zones, aquariums, and even a system for changing day and night. The most famous client of “Pionen” is WikiLeaks.



The Vatican Library
The Vatican Library has collected the most valuable historical documents ever found.
It is believed that stored inside it are almost all the sacred books and bits of knowledge mankind had ever written. However, most of the books are classified, and only the Pope has access to some of the scrolls. According to experts, more than a million books, scrolls and various historical documents are stored here. Aside from the clergymen, only scientists and theologists armed with nothing but pen and paper can enter this “vault”, and they will be accompanied by two guardsmen and a priest.

Fort Knox
This is the place where the US gold reserve is stored along with the most valuable historical documents. Needless to say, such treasures are carefully guarded. The only way into the fort is through a door weighing 22 tons, so don’t skip your arm days.

Secret Scientology Base
The base is located in the New Mexico desert. There is no reliable information on what is stored here, but the entrance is protected by a 2.5-ton door. On the surface, above the archive, there are strange signs, as if made by or for some aliens who hold the same faith. Or maybe it’s just Ron Hubbard’s reincarnation formula.

Bold Lane Car Park
Yes, it’s basically a parking lot, located in Derbyshire, Great Britain, and it’s one of the safest places on the planet. No one can enter or leave without a special pass. After the car is parked, a multitude of motion, volume, and sound sensors are activated that control the space around the car. When the alarm is triggered, all exits and entrances are automatically blocked.