8 Cute Animals That Are Actually Dangerous


Mother Nature has created everyone different: some are fast, others are slow; some are lean, while others are heave and full-weight. The animal world is as versatile and beautiful as it is dangerous and full of surprises. More often than not dangerous animals look the part – when you see an alligator, for instance, there’s no doubt it’s a deadly machine you should stay away from. But when you see something cute, the first thing you think is that such animals are absolutely harmless. This is where you are wrong! Here are 8 cute animals that are actually dangerous.

Slow Loris

It’s hard to believe that adorable slow loris is a dangerous being, but it is the truth. When they feel attacked or in danger, slow loris can become really toxic to both animals and other humans involved in the process.

Slow Loris | 8 Cute Animals That Are Actually Dangerous | ZestRadar

Panda Bear

Pandas look absolutely adorable and are pure vegetarians when it comes to food, yet it doesn’t mean they won’t bite you when you come near enough. The bite force is quite strong and somestimes – even deadly!

Panda Bear | 8 Cute Animals That Are Actually Dangerous | ZestRadar

Puffer fish

Puffer fish looked so cute in Finding Nemo, but don’t be deceived by its sweet looks – this animal is incredibly toxic and will pay special attention to everything and everyone coming its way. It’s 1,200 times more toxic than cyanide, and that’s something you don’t see every day.

Puffer fish | 8 Cute Animals That Are Actually Dangerous | ZestRadar


Hippos are depicted as lovely beings in most movies and TV shows, but the truth is much more scary that the cartoon-y animals depicted by Disney. Hippos are actually strong, fast, and can easily attack a person if they feel like it. Due to their temper, human attacks are really quite common.

Hippopotamus | 8 Cute Animals That Are Actually Dangerous | ZestRadar

Blue-ringed octopus

A blue-ringed octopus is a special breed of octopus that is extremely small and beautiful. The bright colouring of this sea creature hints to potential danger, and oh boy, this little fella actually is poisonous. Its venom is so strong it could kill 26 people in mere minutes!

Blue-ringed octopus | 8 Cute Animals That Are Actually Dangerous | ZestRadar

Leopard seal

Seals have a good rep in general, which makes leopard seals even more dangerous as people have no idea what’s hiding behind the cute façade. This type of seal is among the most aggressive animals one can meet in the region. Although they do look as cute as their less aggressive relatives.

Leopard seal | 8 Cute Animals That Are Actually Dangerous | ZestRadar


Raccoons like humans in general, especially the trash we live behind. These animals are usually harmless and quite adorable, but think twice before touching this animal even if you find it right in your back yard. It’s not the raccoon that is dangerous, but the diseases it carries. From known ones like mites and rabies, to less popular, almost-deadly ones like leptospirosis and tularemia.

Raccoon | 8 Cute Animals That Are Actually Dangerous | ZestRadar

Mute swan

Mute swans are gracious creatures that look like they came straight from heaven down to Earth to bring delight to everyone who sees them. On the other hand, their looks are quite deceptive as this type of swan is extremely territorial – they can become aggressive towards any human or animal passing nearby.