8 Clever Ways to Make Old Things Look New Again


There are times when you start looking closer at your furniture or clothes, going something like “where did that scratch come from?”, and if you’re like my mom, who wants everything to be in perfect order, one simple scratch on a wooden table is just as bad as a huge crack in the middle of it. So now she wants you to get out of the house or buy a new table, but there’s a third option here – fix the damn scratch! And of course, I’m not just talking about furniture. As you’ll see in a second, many of the things you’d trash can actually be saved with a little bit of household magic, no special skills required!


Here are 8 clever ways to make old things look new again!



1. Mayonnaise for wood
Condensation can be a real chore, especially in summer, when all you want to drink is something really cold. Those white spots can be easily fixed by rubbing mayo on them. Easy as pie!



2. Toothpaste for glass
Put some toothpaste on your glasses, your watch, or your phone screen, rub it in, then wash the paste away, to make your glasses look all shiny and new!


3. Mustard for copper
Got an old copper bracelet lying around? Put some mustard on it and wait a few minutes. Now you’re one damp cloth away from seeing the shiniest copper accessory ever!

4. Nail polish for glass
What’s probably the best way to get rid of the scratches on your phone’s screen is clear nail polish. Wash the screen, apply some nail polish, about an hour later dab a cotton ball into the nail polish remover, and wipe the scratch. It’s gonna stink, but you’ll get used to it.



5. Onion for cleaning leather
This “life hack” is quite straightforward. Just cut the onion and rub its juice all over your leather jacket or furniture! If you enjoy the smell, well, first of all, hi there, Satan, and second – you won’t even have to wipe the surfaces. Otherwise you should totally wipe it all away.


6. Hairspray for stains
Your favorite t-shirt got cosmetic stains all over it? Fear not! Just spray it with hairspray, grab a paper towel or a napkin to wipe away whatever you can, and then drop it in the washer.

7. Butter for oil paint
Usually when oil paint hits a piece of clothing, that piece automatically becomes the outcast, used only for dirty work. But it doesn’t have to be like that! In a 1:1 ratio mix butter and powdered detergent, and apply it to the smear, then use something rough to scratch away the paint. After about 20 minutes put it in the washer.


8. Chalk and greasy stains
And my final tip for today – use chalk to remove any and all greasy stains from your clothes! It’s better to crush the chalk into powder, but where’s the fun in that?