7 World’s Oldest Bars You Should Have a Drink In


While bars are something that we accept as an everyday thing, there are bars which have a very long history and are happy to share it with their customers. This list will share seven of the oldest bars in the world which you should definitely add to your travel plans.

Brettos, Athens, Greece

This place is one of the most recent on our list even though it was working non-stop for the past 100 years. The bar has its own distillery and produces all-time classics based on old family recipes. The place is very beautiful and one of the hidden gems of the city. Instagramers love this place as you can take fantastic photos in front of thousands of colorful liquor bottles elegantly lit with dramatic light.

Bars Brettos, Athens, Greece | Zestradar

Sean’s Bar, Athlone, Ireland

The British Isles are known for their very old drinking culture (the oldest pub in the world can be found here). While this place doesn’t look old, it has been operating for more than 1000 years and is even older than the nearby castle. The bar is even listed The Guinness Book of World Records as the oldest. The old relics which were discovered during renovation in the 1970’s are now in the National Museum but one old section is still on display for customers to enjoy whilst they drink.

Sean’s Bar, Athlone, Ireland | Zestradar

Cave Bar, Wadi Musa, Jordan

This bar is not old by itself but the location where it is situated has a 2000-year-old history. The bar is located within Petra Guest House Hotel inside Nabataean tomb which was built around the first century. This unique experience will introduce what it was like to live so long ago and raise a drink for modern life.

Cave Bar, Wadi Musa, Jordan | Zestradar

Al Brindisi, Ferrara, Italy

Wine drinking is big in Italy and this wine bar is a great example of this. It was founded in 1435 and is still serving great wines and meals for everyone. It was rumoured that both Galileo and Copernicus have visited this pub. Tourists are welcome to enjoy the spirit of the Renaissance and raise a glass for all the great wine you can enjoy.

Old Bar Al Brindisi, Ferrara, Italy | Zestradar

The White Horse Tavern, Newport, USA

This is the oldest restaurant in the US and it still welcomes guests 400 years later. It features unique colonial architecture and is a great example of preserving history. The place was family owned for more than 200 years and has a special license to serve strong alcohol. This was a popular place to meet for local officials and had a respectable reputation.

The White Horse Tavern, Newport, USA | Zestradar

Herberg Vlissinghe, Bruges, Belgium

Belgium is known for its beer and it is no surprise that one of the oldest bars can be found here. This bar is 500 years old and keeps serving cold beers for all those in need. It is the oldest bar in Belgium and it is considered to be a historical monument. Nowadays it offers tea, coffee and snacks in addition to an alcohol menu.

Old Bars Herberg Vlissinghe, Bruges, Belgium | Zestradar

Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem, Nottingham, UK

The exact date when this pub was founded is not clear but it has at least a 900-year history. The name is related to crusades and would make much more sense back then. The pub is located in the same sandstone rock as Nottingham castle and some caverns are available to drink in. This place is full of legends and has a great atmosphere.