7 things that will be obsolete by 2100


Each of us heard grandmas and grandpas mentioning some items we no longer use. But they were a must when our grandparents were still young. Have you ever though what could vanish by the time we have grandchildren? Scientists are already making certain predictions about that and they have all chances to be right. So, what is getting extinct?


We mean those pieces of paper that resting in our wallets. How often do we use them? Not as often as we did some 10-20 years ago. Plastic cards have almost pushed cash away. But, it seems like the era of cards is coming to its end too. Thanks to AndroidPay and ApplePay we can go shopping with a smartphone in a pocket or a smart watch on the wrist. Considering this, wallets might vanish too.


Bad news for all chocolate addicts. Eat as much ow this delicious dessert as you can, because it might disappear soon due to climate change. It is more likely to severely hamper the growth of the cacao plant or even cause its extinction. Food manufacturers are working hard on creating another food that would taste like real chocolate, but at this moment all they got doesn’t really taste good.


Life with glasses is a nightmare, especially when you come to the 3D cinema. But ophthalmologists promise soon everyone will be able to restore their 20\20 vision with smart implants that scan the eye and work to fix all vision issues at a time with no pain. These lenses will be easy to apply and the patients won’t feel them in the eyes.


Can you imagine a steak that has never been a part of an animal? Scientists assure us that in some 30 years meat will either be clean or plant-based. Although it will keep all those features of natural product we all have today. The aim is to find the way to get food without killing anyone. And the break through is right behind the corner.


Destroying thousands of trees to get some writing paper which will soon die in shredder is the worst thing the humanity can do to nature. And thanks to Google Docs we realized how silly it is. No, really, thanks to electronic signatures and virtual documents we all are a step away from getting rid of the paper.


Seems like here we should thank Apple for their face ID feature. That is the best way to get access to all private data. Just imagine – no more passwords stored in notepad document on the desktop. What you need is keeping your face in front of the camera for a few seconds. It’s super easy and helps avoiding dramas with forgetting the key words.


Artificial sweeteners have stolen the scene from sugar and they just keep going on. They are much healthier, taste super similar to real sugar and have a bunch of benefits. Handy packages let us take them with us even in handbags and storage requirements are not as wild as they are for our favorite sand.