7 Surprising Traits Men Find Attractive


When it comes to finding a partner we all have a number of boxes we’d want that person to tick. And as much as we want to think that we don’t have a type and just like people for who they are, studies show that there are certain things that are hardwired into us without us even realising. So you might think you’re totally in control of who you like or fall in love with, and that might be to an extent, but not 100%. Here are some surprising things men find attractive in women.

Sense Of Humor

This might seem like a no-brainer, we all want our partner to have a good sense of humor that is compatible with our own. But did you know that men and women mean different things when they say that? Women generally mean they want their partner to be funny and also to appreciate the jokes that we make too. That’s what we find compatible. Men, however, mostly care about women laughing at their jokes and don’t particularly care if the women are funny. In fact, it gets even weirder when you ask them about the kind of relationships they prefer: funny women as friends or short relationships and women who aren’t funny but laugh at their jokes for longterm ones.

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Blue Eyes

Don’t panic, it’s not all men who prefer blue eyes. Generally, it seems like most men don’t really care about eye color and don’t have a preference. However, men with blue eyes according to some studies, are the only ones who have a preference and they prefer women with blue eyes. It seems like it’s a parental kind of instinct that’s based on wanting to preserve that trait in children. You see, the only way to have blue eyes is two have two parents that have blue eyes. Or at least both carry the blue eye gene.

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We always hear that men like younger women or at least younger-looking women? That’s what a big part of the beauty industry is built on. It’s all about keeping you looking young longer. But studies show that some men prefer older, more mature looking women. And there’s an interesting correlation there. Most men who prefer older women are those whose mothers had kids later in life.

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Speaking of mothers, there’s actually a study that shows that it’s quite common for men to pick partners who look similar to their mothers. We’re not dying they actually have similar facial features but a lot of the time mother’s hair color, eye color and height tend to be the characteristics that men subconsciously try to find in their partner. It’s debated whether it had something to do with imprinting and forming a bond as a child. It’s not something that’s been studied a lot in humans but is very common with animals.

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Many women think that it’s a husky voice that men find attractive but studies show that men prefer moderately high-pitched voices that are also a bit breathy. Apparently, that signals to them that the woman is of a smaller frame and submissive so there will be no confrontation. Makes you feel like we still live in the stone ages, doesn’t it?

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Head Tilt

This is possibly one of the weirder things men find attractive. A study has been conducted in which men were shown pictures of women from different angles and with different head positions. Most men found the forward head tilt that made women look like they’re looking up to be most attractive. Again, to men, this suggested height difference and classic representations of femininity and masculinity.

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Positive Attitude

We’ve been focusing a lot on the physical appearance but studies show that personality does matter. It seems like men struggle to find common ground when asked what kind of body type or facial feature they find universally attractive. However, when asked about character traits most men agree that kindness, honesty and a positive attitude is what they value the most.