7 Scientific Facts About Attraction You Can Use The Next Time You Go On A Date


Attraction might be an easy concept when you see a person you like, but as you get deeper into what makes men and women tick, you’ll find a whole new fascinating world of facts waiting to be discovered. Yep, I’m talking about science here that has posed some viable questions over the course of human history and now offers more than a few valuable answers about what attracts men, women, and why are we drawn to some people, but have absolutely no chemistry with others (although we find them kind of cute). Here are 7 scientific facts about attraction you can use the next time you go on a date.

Smell is everything

Women are wired in a funny way – you might have noticed that already. While it is certainly important what the guy looks like, a woman is more likely to fall for the guy with a pleasant smell (or simply the one that she individually finds delightful). While guys pay more attention to the look the first time they see a person, a woman will look, but she will also smell – and that will instantly tell her whether they’re compatible or not. It’s actually pretty amazing!

Dogs boost attraction

Guys like to joke that they have more chances of getting a girl’s number if they’re with a baby or cute dog. Well, there’s actually some truth to it! While a baby might signal that the guy is taken, a dog simply boosts the guy’s cuteness level and tells ladies that he’s a caring soul and can be trusted in general.

Red is the colour of attraction

Red has always been viewed as the colour of love, passion, power, and high status. All those things mixed together create a wonderfully exciting cocktail that has an impact on both men and women. That’s why women always look so dramatically beautiful and enticing in red dresses, while men dressed in red draw much more attention than guys wearing any other colour. It’s bold and it is always a statement!

Mirroring is important

If you want to put a person you’re dating at ease – try to mirror his or hers posture and gestures. For women it comes naturally with attraction. If they like a person it will happen effortlessly on a subconscious level, buy you might as well do it deliberately to make the person feel more comfortable. It’s one of the basic tricks in psychology and works with literally everyone.

It’s actually women who make the ‘first move’

It’s a kind of game that happens on subconscious level and most of the time we don’t even notice the way things are happening. There’s a cute guy and a woman feels nice about him, so when he looks at her, she will look back with some interest, giving him indication that he can approach her in some way. Prolonged eye contact, a smile, and other small gestures that all happen even before some kind of conversation is initiated by a guy – all these things are done by a woman! In a way, it is she who always does the first move.

We look for the signs of ‘health’

Attraction is always based on instincts to some extent, which means that apart from various qualities of a person we would also check out if he or she is good for mating, so to speak. As rude as it may sound, there is some truth to it! We like people with clear skin and rosy cheeks, fresh breath and good, thick hair. All these are signs of health both men and women are attracted to – all because of reproduction! We’re looking for a viable partner and he should be healthy, that’s a huge priority.

Charisma is everything

Self-confident and charismatic people usually have more attention from the opposite sex than the rest of us humans. Charisma might be something hard to pinpoint, but you know it when you see it. Charismatic people seem approachable (because they’ are), intelligent, smart, and open in general.  When you meet a person like that, rest assured, you’ll have the most exciting experience ever! And this is what we feel on a subconscious level when we fall for someone. It’ll be so much fun, oh yes.