7 Incredible Underwater-Themed Restaurants From Around The World


Restaurants around the world are creating new incredibly exciting experiences to attract diners. Eating with sea creatures is a great new thing to try. You can enjoy your special meal below the surface of the ocean as well as in restaurants with giant aquariums. Sea adventure awaits!



Under, Norway
Under, which also means “wonder” is Europe’s first underwater restaurant located in a picturesque location. The building itself is shaped like a tube half submerged in the sea. Specially designed by architecture firm Snoehetta, the structure will act as an artificial reef naturally integrating into the marine environment. The restaurant uses fresh local ingredients and unusual combinations to create unforgettable food experiences. You can explore more at Under’s Instagram.



The Real Poseidon, India
The idea to build an underwater restaurant came from the owner’s son who loved underwater walkways with fish inside. It took almost 2 years to build a 32 seat restaurant with a 150,000-liter tank containing almost 4000 marine species. Many exotic fish types were included to make it brighter and pleasing to the eye. The restaurant serves vegetarian dishes from Chinese, Thai, Mexican and Indian cuisine.

Ossiano, United Arab Emirates
Dubai is the place where you can find the best restaurants with star chefs from around the world. Ossiano is famous for its seafood menu and “The Ambassador Lagoon” aquarium with 65,000 fish. Ossiano offers a set menu with a special selection from the chef as well as a la carte menu. The visitors can enjoy the exquisite interior which creates a perfect atmosphere for special occasions.

5.8 Undersea Restaurant, Hurawalhi, Maldives
The restaurant is located 5.8 meters below the sea which makes it the world’s largest all-glass undersea restaurant. Unlike most underwater restaurants, diners are seated inside an “aquarium” with a fantastic view of the coral reef and sea life native to this part of the world. There are only 10 tables available so booking is highly recommended. Surprisingly, it’s a barefoot venue so set your feet free for a meal!

Ocean Restaurant, Singapore
With an incredible view of manta rays and sharks, tuna and tropical fish, it has to be the best way to enjoy Mediterranean-Californian cuisine. The quality of the food and fantastic view make it one of the must-see places in Singapore. Impeccable service and top quality food make it a nice place for celebrations.

Sharks Underwater Grill, USA
Sharks Underwater Grill is a part of the SeaWorld Orlando aquatic theme park. After enjoying thrilling rides, animal shows and experiences, it’s time to dig into world-class dishes. The restaurant’s menu features a wide selection of seafood as well as food “from the land”. Visitors can enjoy a fantastic view of sharks and fish swimming next to their table and if you have a seat at the bar, each seat is a mini aquarium.

Atrium Bar, Germany
The Atrium Bar is located within Radisson Blu Hotel in Berlin. It features a 25-meter high aquarium with 1500 tropical fish. Open all day, you can enjoy your morning coffee or afternoon drinks. Visitors are welcome to pop in later for cocktails under the dimmed lights and blue glow from the giant fish tank. Each drink comes with a treat so you can enjoy a stress-free stay at the hotel.