7 Hottest Places On Earth

We are used to think that Africa is the hottest place on earth especially with Sahara desert covering so much ground. Several places in Africa did manage to get into our list but there are a couple of others which will surprise you. Let’s check some of the locations which can be considered hell on earth.

Death Valley, California, USA

Very lively at night but completely dead during the day, this place is nothing but dry hot desert. It actually holds the record for the hottest air temperature. It has an average temperature of 46 degrees but it has reached 56.7C in 1913 and is considered to be a current record. The driest place in the US and the hottest in the world. Did we mention mysterious moving rocks?

 7 Hottest Places On Earth | ZestRadar

Tirat Zvi, Israel

This place is actually inhabited even though less than a thousand people live there. The hottest temperature in Asia was recorded here in 1942. The summer here шы still very hot and average around 37 degrees. Even though the river is not that far, this region still gets pretty hot.

7 Hottest Places On Earth | ZestRadar

Kebili, Tunisia

Tunisia’s close location to Medditerean sea suggests that it should be nice and cool but Kebili is a desert town which has the highest temperature recorded at 55 degrees. The people inhabiting the area have adjusted to harsh conditions and learned to spend most of their time in the shade. Date palms are one of the key features of this place.

7 Hottest Places On Earth | ZestRadar

Aziziyah, Libya

This place was considered the hottest place on Earth for 90 years straight with 58C recorded in 1922. Nevertheless, the place regularly hits the temperature around 48 degrees which os very hot. Even though the town is just one hour away from the sea, it is just not cool enough.

7 Hottest Places On Earth | ZestRadar

Timbuktu, Mali

The ancient city of Timbuktu is located near the Sahara desert and was a popular place along the trade routes. It stays hot all year round with winter averages being close to 30 degrees. The nearby sand dunes don’t help as they dry up the air. The locals have adjusted to living in such a hot place and it doesn’t seem that it’s going to disappear any time soon.

7 Hottest Places On Earth | ZestRadar

Wadi Halfa, Sudan

The city is located on the shores of the lake, dust storms are a pretty common thing in the summer. With an average temperature of 41 degrees, it still managed to make it to 53C in 1967. You would think that being the most northern place in Sudan it should be a little bit cooler.

7 Hottest Places On Earth | ZestRadar

Dasht-e Lut Desert, Iran

Another uninhabited desert which is actually getting super hot.  In the past 20 years, the temperatures of 70 degrees have been recorded. The salt desert spreads over 200 miles and even wildlife is not that spread. The place is popular with tourists and naturalists who would like to experience extreme landscapes.