6 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Date Hot People


Hot people are kind of amazing, right? Their confidence usually goes far beyond their appearance, spreading into work, family, and even personal relationships. Due to their spectacular looks we assume that they are good at everything, but science says otherwise. It turns out, attractive people are really bad with long-term relationships! Looking like a walking Vogue cover might have its benefits in everyday life, but when it comes to love, such people are less reliable and have a certain mindset that makes dating them unbearable. Here are 6 reasons why you shouldn’t date hot people.

They are always looking for alternatives

While in most couples partners tend to focus on each other, losing the so-called ‘wandering eye’ – they simply lose interest in other attractive people and don’t notice them in a crowd. Hot people, on the other hand, are always interested in other options and would keep their eyes wide open even while being in a seemingly happy relationship. This leads to insecurity and all kinds of issues inside the relationship you’re trying to build together.

They are always looking for alternatives | 6 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Date Hot People | ZestRadar

They have too many options

This is one of the biggest issues when dating a hottie – their amazing appearance makes them think that they always can go to the next relationship and see if things work out there. This makes them reluctant to work on relationships, trying to find compromises and solutions whenever problems arise. They tend to run away from problems, which leads to stress, breakdowns, and psychological imbalance.

They have too many options | 6 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Date Hot People | ZestRadar

They get divorced more often

According to another experiment made by Harvard University, there’s a link between divorces and the level of attractiveness of a partner. A few women were asked to look at high school photos of 230 men and name the hottest ones in their opinion. Researchers later checked all those attractive guys to see if they were dating, single, or divorced, and the results were quite shocking – those attractive men turned out to be mostly divorced, scientists went on checking them most famous celebs – the results were the same!

They get divorced more often | 6 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Date Hot People | ZestRadar

They are selfish

Attractive people are used to getting lots of attention and it influences their character in a bad way. These hot ladies and gentlemen tend to focus more on their appearance (as this is what makes them so special) and end up lacking in other departments. While guys are drawn to this type of woman, more often than not they will switch from beautiful drama queens to ladies that have more depth, who are more caring and are capable of showing it. Same goes for women, of course – they avert their gaze from picture-perfect guys and search for warm-hearted men to bond with.

They are selfish | 6 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Date Hot People | ZestRadar

They care too much about appearances

Some of the hot people out there are naturally pretty and make close to no effort at all to maintain that beauty, yet others need to work day and night to keep up the good looks, rocky abs, and flat stomachs. Their good looks is part of their identity, so they’ll do anything to maintain the hotness factor as long as possible. You might end up dating a devoted gym fanatic who counts each calorie and never misses a chance to glance into the mirror wherever you go.

They care too much about appearances | 6 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Date Hot People | ZestRadar

They tend to have rocky relationships

Hot or not, all people are different and we can’t say that dating someone beautiful will necessarily end up badly, But you have to be prepared for a bumpy ride – researchers examined the Top 20 beautiful actresses on IMDB and their love lives – and found out that the majority of them had rocky marriages or unstable relationships that didn’t go so well. Well, famous people have a hard time building stable relationships in general, famous and hot – now that’s a killer combo.