6 Classic Traveling Spots That Aren’t Worth It


Travel, like all forms of entertainment, has its classics. Sometimes the classics don’t quite live up to the hype, however. Let’s take a look at some very popular traveling spots you probably should skip.



Mona Lisa
While Paris itself might be a good place to visit, the Louvre really isn’t. Unless you’re into standing in line for 5 hours to look at Mona Lisa and some art from a very safe distance. That is, if there’s no one taller than you standing between the painting and yourself. Yes, Mona Lisa, I’m talking about you. You’re not worth it.


Leaning Tower of Pisa
It’s a tower that wasn’t built right. Big whoop. There’s literally nothing else to see there.

Berlin Wall
Like the Louvre, the Berlin Wall is probably not the most interesting part about Berlin you should visit. It’s kind of nice that they put the special tiles on the ground where the wall used to be, but you can hardly follow it across the roads and through buildings, now can you? And the part that’s still standing, well, is just a wall.


Unless you’re a druid in training, Stonehenge is little more than a circular formation of huge rocks. The only real interesting part about it is how they put it there in the first place, not that it is there.

Empire State Building
Let’s wait in line to take an elevator and look at the New York skyline! Wait, let’s not.


Las Vegas
It’s just a bunch of casinos. If you’ve never been to a casino in your life, or you’ve been there and didn’t like it, why would you go to a town in the middle of a desert that’s made out of nothing but the thing you don’t like?