6 Amazing Structures Possibly Built by Aliens


There are several monumental structures that have been standing on the face of the Earth for thousands of years and we have yet to uncover all their secrets. Like for example: “did the Egyptians use slaves from a far-away galaxy to build their pyramids?”, or “were the Easter Island giants somehow connected to the faces seen on the surface of Mars?”. These and many other questions will probably never be answered. You’re about to see 6 ancient structures that defy the basic rules of technological capability for there time, and were probably build by an alien civilization!



1. Saksaywaman
This 1000-year-old fortress was built of stone slabs that weigh as much as 360 tons each and were matched so perfectly to each other that even modern technological solutions would be barely able to achieve such an architectural miracle. Therefore – aliens.

2. Easter Island Heads
These stone boys are around 1000 years old, and until recently everyone thought they were just huge heads. Until a few archaeologists started to dig around them only to find out those sculptures have butts! So you see how 900 statues, averaging 13 feet tall, and weighing 14 tons each, would be nearly impossible to make at that time. Therefore – aliens.

3. Nazca Lines
The beauty of the Nazca lines lies in the fact that the only way to see the “full picture”, so to speak, was to fly up in the sky. Now, correct me if I’m wrong but 2500 years ago the only people who could fly were being kicked off a cliff. Therefore, you guessed it, aliens!

4. Egyptian Pyramids
Huge stone blocks. Puny human slaves. Impossible pyramids. Bam! Boom! – aliens!
No, but seriously, can you imagine a bunch of people trying to push a 50 ton brick uphill. Not happening.

5. Teotihuacan
Teotihuacán, literally translates to the “City of the Gods”. More than 2,000 years ago, there was no way the Mayans could calculate all the angles and peculiarities of a city that’s said to house over 100,000 people! Can you guess who helped the good old Mayans back then? Correct – extraterrestrials!

6. Stonehenge
Here’s a prehistoric puzzle for you: how did people 5000 years ago (or ever earlier) managed to build this alien landing spot? Trick question, they didn’t! Aliens helped them, probably gave the local folk a great pep talk and some vitamins. Who knows.