$3000 Jesus Sneakers Filled With Holy Water


You can sell anything for a massive profit if you make it crazy enough. That’s the world we live in today.

Everyone wants to be unique even if their way of showing it is kind of ridiculous. We all remember that time the internet went crazy for 9-foot long extendo jeans that you could barely wear, but it was just insane enough for them to sell out fairly quickly. People were willing to pay hundreds of dollars for unwearable designer jeans just to take an Instagram picture or film a YouTube video and never wear them again.

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The same thing happened with a four-foot long-sleeved slenderman denim jacket, clear knee mom jeans, clear plastic pants, platform crocs and so on. It’s clear that brands do these crazy items not as an actual fashion statement but more as a PR move. They want to create hype around an item of clothing they make, everyone will start writing about it and that’s how they get insane amounts of exposure. Even if the feedback is negative, there is no such thing as bad PR.

#2 | $3000 Jesus Sneakers Filled With Holy Water  | ZestRadar

The Brooklyn based creative label MSCHF obviously knows that and isn’t afraid to go the extra mile. Head of commerce at MSCHF, Daniel Greenberg, explained in an interview with the New York Post that the brand was intrigued by the idea of collab culture.

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When they saw the collab between Arizona Iced Tea and Adidas that essentially resulted in Adidas selling shoes that advertised a beverage company that sells iced tea at bodegas they knew they had to do something to show how ridiculous that is. So their pitch was “what would a collab with Jesus be like?”.

#4 | $3000 Jesus Sneakers Filled With Holy Water  | ZestRadar

They took Nike Air Max 97s sneakers, laced a gold crucifix into the right shoe, added a drop of red ink on the tongues of the shoes to symbolize Jesus Christ’s blood. They also added a verse from the bible Matthew 14:25 on the side of the shoe. That verse is about Jesus walking on water by the way. So what was the next obvious thing to do? Fill the soles with water, of course, so that you can technically walk on water, like Jesus. But this is where they went the extra mile. It’s not just some water. They filled the soles with holy water from the Jordan River that has been blessed by a priest.

#5 | $3000 Jesus Sneakers Filled With Holy Water  | ZestRadar

The shoes went on sale with a hefty $3000 price tag and sold in a matter of minutes. After all, this is a unique one of a kind pair of shoes. The reactions online range from wonder and amazement to outrage, indignation and resentment. But hey, people are talking about it and that’s the whole point.