25+ Fascinating Slo­Mo GIFs

The world around us is incredibly beautiful, almost magical, and this is especially visible in slow motion. Slowing down the flow of time is arguably one of the most visually pleasing techniques we’ve managed to develop. It’s up there with twerking and opening beer bottles with our eye sockets.

Everything in slow motion looks better, be it a slap, a simple jump or even the movement of your eye. Enough chit-chat, time to witness the magic!



Just an eye twitching, nothing to see here.



For some reason this is extremely satisfying

This is how they play tennis in the Mad Max universe. Probably.



Pretty much any liquid in slow-motion is a show worthy of at least 6 seasons and a movie.

You always wanted to see what would happen. Now you know.



Don’t tell me you didn’t get a semi from this GIF… LIAR!

Just like liquids, fire also looks marvelous in slo-mo.



Get over here!

Cats – how do they work?



I guess we know where Dory is x_x

Stop! Hammer time!



Spinning tires will never look the same.

Talk sh@t – get hit! In slow-motion, of course.



Water + sound waves + slo-mo camera = math formulas in real life.

Paint “dancing” on a subwoofer. Look at the way she moves!




This is kinda disturbing.

No idea what this is, but hot diggity, this looks awesome!



Where did his face go?

F yeah, physics!



Mosquito on fire – pure pleasure!

Dog saliva literally everywhere, but it was well worth it.



First ever human-dolphin hybrid caught on slow-motion camera.

Here’s something for the New-Zealanders.



Gimme a smooch, honey!

And then there are boobies.



And twerks!



Now, these only a very few GIFs I’ve decided to pick, so if you want to see more slo-mo stuff, go here (http://imgur.com/gallery/nSF4Q), here (http://imgur.com/gallery/77GLC), or here (http://imgur.com/gallery/SZwnk), or just Google it, really. Have fun!