25 Exceptional Dollar Bill Origami Examples

One of the coolest Japanese arts, aside from Kendo, is indisputably Origami. It’s an ancient art of folding paper, and while it may sound meh, once you’ve tried you yourself – you’re hooked! Too bad we can’t see any of the first origami pieces, since the paper isn’t very good at keeping it together for more than a hundred years or so. The art of folding the paper became popular around 200 years after it boomed in Japan. Since you can use pretty much any kind of paper to make intricate designs, it didn’t take long for people to start using money banknotes. Because why the hell not, right? This sub-genre of origami later became known as Orikane (“paper money”).
So here’s the question: if you could choose between an awesome origami piece, and a crisp $20 bill, which of the following masterpieces would you try to recreate?



1. Camera
This is for real and it’s tiny, so you’ll have to use your microSD for those ultra HD shots.

2. Flip Flops
I personally do not leave the house without a pair of flip-flops, but these would be way too tiny to even fit my cats.

3. Pig
You can huff and you can puff… and you’ll probably blow it away easily.

4. Unicorn
You can get a pet unicorn for a single dollar bill! A 20 dollar bill in this case.

5. Starfighter
If you’re a Star Wars fan, you better learn for to fold these. The Empire needs your help!

6. Majestic Owl
Owls are awesome. I love owls. They’re like cats, but with feathers. Amazing creatures.

7. Snail
It’s a paper snail, what did you expect?

8. Race Car
Did you know that “race car” is a palindrome? Well, now you do!

9. Crane Ring
A legendary ring that gives you +5 Stamina and +14 Willpower. It’s also weak to water –based attacks.

10. Bulldozer
Unlike “race car”, bulldozer is not a palindrome.

11. Elephant
Why don’t we make ourselves a Dumbo?

12. Hammer
Whatever you’re doing… STOP! Hammer time!

13. Seahorse
Fun fact (that you’ve probably known): male seahorses give birth to baby sea ponies.

14. Peacock
What a magnificent creature! One of my favorite Origami designs.

15. Horse and Buggy
It’s just like the Pepperidge Farm meme, isn’t it?

16. Crop Duster Airplane
I wish it could fly…

17. Teddybear
Just give it a mini-hug!

18. Bison/Bull/Horny thing
Yeah, I have no idea what this is. Let your imagination guide you!

19. Dolphins
A random thought: have you ever tried to speak a dolphin?

20. Bat
This in the origami Gotham deserves.

21. Creepy Skeleton Hands
Perfect for updooting!

22. Caterpillar
Just smash it up and you’ll have a chrysalis origami!

23. Horned Beetle
It’s like a bug unicorn!

24. Tombstone with Zombies
If you can manage to fold this the right way, you’ll be able to creep out a lot of people around you.

25. Darth Vader
Last but not least – the original Big Daddy himself.