21 Bizarre Facts You Didn’t Know About Humanity


Humans are a weird bunch, there’s no denying the fact. Over the years we’ve plunged into the depths of the deepest caverns and explored the bright blue skies that turn into dark starry space up above, yet nothing can quite compare to the crazy little things made by some pretty famous individuals here on Earth. Find out why Julius Caesar wore a wreath, what Malay harems look like, and what kind of wedding gift was once given to Queen Victoria. Even Christmas was once cancelled by the Brits! Here are 22 bizarre facts that will change your perception of humanity.



A monkey from South Africa was actually promoted to corporal during the WWI.



Saliva is the active (and some say most important) ingredient in a bird’s nest soup, a popular Chinese delicacy.



In 1647, the English Parliament decided it no longer needed Christmas and abolished the holiday.



Jeweller Otto Rohwedder is to blame for a revolution in bread slicing. He invented the first ever bread slicer back in 1927, but it took him almost 6 years to perfect the art. His final machine was even wrapping the sliced bread in paper!

Children of the North Australia’s Tiwi Tribe get married as soon as they are born.



Einstein’s attendant nurse didn’t speak any German at all, that’s why no one knows about his last words.



Born on the January 4th, 1838, Charles Sherwood Stratton didn’t grow up to be a tall man. In fact, his growth stopped when he was 6 months old, making him one of the shortest men that have ever lived. P.T. Barnum picked up Charles and turned him into a circus success under the pseudonym ‘’General Tom Thumb”. His height was just 1 meter!

‘’Abracadabra’’ originally was a ‘spell’ used to cure hay fever.



In the 70s the Rhode Island Legislature introduced a $2 tax system in which people would have to pay for every ‘’act of sexual intercourse’’.



One of Queen Victoria’s most bizarre wedding gifts was a half-ton block of cheese three meters in diameter.



You’ll never meet a prostitute named Mary in Siena, Italy. Women who bear the name of ‘Mother of God’ are not allowed to become prostitutes there!

Julius Caesar’s signature laurel wreath was no more than a stylish way to hide his balding head.



Peter the Great was not a forgiving kind of husband. When his wife cheated on him, he killed her lover, cut off his head, put it into alcohol for preservation, and then placed it next to her bed.



Sir Winston Churchill was a truly heavy smoker – he could smoke up to 15 cigars a day!

In Malaysia you can still find harems, but not the usual ones – women keep harems of men and not vice versa.



It wasn’t easy for France during the World Wars – the country experienced 40 different governments!



The United States of America know many prominent presidents, but there is one that is seldom mentioned by anyone: David Atchison was President of the U.S. for no more than one day.



Ivan the Terrible boasted he had deflowered thousands of virgins and disposed of a similar number of their babies.

The famous Pac-Man consists of 240 dots. In case you were wondering.



It appears George Washington was no stranger to weed. He grew marijuana in his very own Mount Vernon garden.



It’s a criminal offense to drive a dirty car in Russia.