20 Most Gorgeous Miss Earth 2017 Candidates in National Costumes


Out of all the beauty pageants in the world, my favorite is probably Miss Earth. They have a weird medal system like it’s the Olympics, where 3 countries get to be the golden, silver, and bronze medalists. I don’t get it, won’t even pretend, but the best part… okay the second best thing about Miss Earth (after the swimsuit défilé) is the National Costume contest. Last year’s competition was fierce and featured the 86 contestants from all over the world, who gathered in the Philippines to try their luck at becoming the best and most beautiful human being this side of Milky Way. Oh, wait, that’s Miss Universe.


Anyway, you came here to ogle at supremely crafted dresses and costumes designed to strike awe in the viewers as well as the judges, so here are some photos of the Miss Earth candidates wearing their fantastic national costumes.



1. Dominican Republic



2. England



3. Cambodia



4. Canada

5. Chile



6. Costa Rica



7. Croatia

8. Guatemala



9. India



10. USA



11. Japan

12. Russia



13. Netherlands



14. Sweden

15. Puerto Rico



16. Sri Lanka



17. Portugal



18. Thailand

19. Indonesia



20. Belgium