19 Insanely Creative Ads That’ll Make You Look Twice


We live in a world where any kind of advertising is considered to be click-bait, be it a clever title, interesting picture, or a creative concept. And *technically* people are right, but it’s not all black and white. Let’s take the classic “red circle” tactics and compare it to any of the ads you’ll see below. They’re not the same, right? One makes you roll your eyes and groan, and the other is freaking ingenious and insanely creative!


I agree that most ads out there are annoying, especially those that cover half of your screen or play loud sound clips of women moaning all of a sudden, but as long as there are marketing geniuses out there that can turn something like an ad for a condom into a work of art, that makes you re-think your life choices, we’ll be alright!


Most of the following ads don’t just tell you which company is being advertised, they also make an actual point, so if some of them don’t seem to make sense, just look at them from a different perspective, you know, read between the lines.


Maybe if more people appreciated ads like these, we wouldn’t need to resort to the shitty click-baity tricks. Enjoy the gallery!



1. Naaasty, nasty ad ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
creative-ads- (1)



2. Smart ideas for smart cities from IBM. That ramp needs a rail, though.
creative-ads- (2)



3. Get it? It’s a sun dial! A freaking sun dial telling you it’s time to pig out!
creative-ads- (3)

4. Seriously, if you feel drowsy, just pull over and take a nap.
creative-ads- (4)



5. This is probably my favorite of the bunch. Santa’s coming!
creative-ads- (5)

6. When you know what you’re about, ain’t no-one’s gonna bring you down.
creative-ads- (6)



7. *mic drop*
creative-ads- (7)



8. I’d screw this one up in a second.
creative-ads- (8)

9. Shoerely, there’s a better way to do it, but it’s creative!
creative-ads- (9)



10. You’ll see everything in HD again.
creative-ads- (10)

11. No time to BIC around! Quickly, shave it all off!
creative-ads- (11)



12. We shouldn’t take water for granted.
creative-ads- (12)



13. Get it? Do-… do you get it?
creative-ads- (13)

14. I’d like to think the text says something funny and profound.
creative-ads- (14)



15. No explanation needed, I hope.
creative-ads- (15)

16. What about hospital bills, education, food, and clothes? That baby’s gonna cost you an arm and a leg, if you’re not prepared.
creative-ads- (17)



17. Simple, yet brilliant concept.
creative-ads- (18)

18. Mercedes Christmas, I guess!
creative-ads- (19)



19. Probably the best way to showcase a car you’ll never be able to afford.
creative-ads- (20)