15 Positively Magical Snowflake Photos by Andrew Osokin


Lately the phrase “a special snowflake” has been used mostly in a derogatory sense, while there’s nothing bad about being different. We’re all unique, each and ever one of us, just like all those trillions of millions of tiny little crystallized water particles falling from the sky…



This Russian photographer from Moscow, Andrew Osokin, clearly knows what to look for. Check out this gallery of positively magical snowflake photos!

Snowflakes are nothing more than just frozen water, in the same way as humans are all just bags of meat and bones. And yeah, when you look at us “from above”, like you’d do with snow piles, you only see generic homogenous mass, but if you just give them a chance, and take a closer look – something magical may happen.

Basically, what I was trying to say is that “snow piles” are like “people”, and that you should take a minute to appreciate the individual snowflakes! Or something like that.