14 Easy Tips To Have A Tinder Profile Picture That Will Land You With A Date


If you’ve opened this article, you are probably a Tinder user who is tired of cheesy one-liners promising the hottest date of your life and uneventful evenings with people that aren’t a match for you. Well, you’ve come to the right place because there’s a secret not many Tinder users know about – appearances matter more on Tinder than anything else. You’ve heard it right, leave the words for the actual date, in Tinder-land it’s all about the right photo that sends the right message. Here are a few tips that will get you started on Tinder.



Girls: You can look both sexy AND classy
Yes, it is possible, and yes, you can still rock that super-hot dress without attracting hundreds of Tinder creeps. It’s all about the aura – don’t be afraid to look charming.



Gents: Smile more
The truth is nobody likes a grumpy face. You might think you’re looking hot and sexy, but broodiness is something that suits only 1 guy out of 10. If you’re 100% sure that you are that one guy – please, be as gloomy as you want. But the rest of male population should smile more because it looks incredibly attractive.



Girls: Take coherent selfies
Women should take selfies that at least show a full face so that everyone could adore their beauty. Reveal your real look and show off your glamorous side, this is not the time to be shy!

Gents: Dress well, look smart
Women really appreciate guys with a good sense of style. Everyone likes a man that’s ‘tall, dark and handsome’, so why not become that man? Of course, you should feel comfortable in the clothes you wear, so it’s good to not overdo your ‘trendy look’.



Girls: Post group photos
This way people will see that you are a cheerful, fun-loving person who likes to hang out with other people. Reveal your friendly vibe and you’ll see how many sweet matches you’ll get!

Gents: Make sure you look and feel natural
Your profile picture should always reflect who you truly are without overdoing things. Keep your genuineness, otherwise your game will be lost before it even starts!



Ladies: Don’t post photos with stupid filters
Crazy-looking filters might be good for Instagram and other social media platforms, but when it comes to Tinder you’ll want to look your best and that means no extra noise on your pics or weird objects stuck to your face. That’s a no-no!



Gents: Avoid mugshots
That’s the worst thing you can do for your Tinder profile! You should also avoid posting half-cut pictures or those showing only body parts. Girls really like to examine at least a face before they say ‘yes’ to a date.

Ladies: It’s best to look natural
People are smart and they will know if you’re trying too hard to be what you are not. Act natural and be yourself, it’s the best thing ever! This way you’ll feel confident and will attract just the right person for you.



Gents: Don’t reveal too much
Over-exposing usually scares off most of future dates. While showing a little bit of skin is okay, make sure you don’t reveal any unnecessary extra.

Ladies: Mugshots are a no-no
Because guys, just like girls, want to see your face and eyes clearly. Try not to post pictures of half of your head or some body parts. This may work for some other social media, but on Tinder you need to look your best.



Gents: Avoid unnecessary shades and extra accessories
It’s good when a girl can see your eyes and face, this way she doesn’t need to guess what you really look like. You should also be careful with hats and caps that alter your appearance. The more frank and outgoing you are, the better!

Ladies: Avoid weird photos
Weird faces and pouty lips are in the past now. You really want to make sure that you look stunning on your profile picture and not hilarious.



Gents: Post more pics with your guy gang
It’s always nice to see that a person knows how to hang out with friends and have fun. Show off your friendly side and post some pictures of you hanging out with your buddies.