13 Weirdest Makeup Trends EVER


People are strange, and not only when you’re a stranger. Seems as if every month, or even every week, some crazy chick on Instagram will come up with a new way to apply lipstick, or a new way to do the eyebrows, turning even the worst ideas ever into internet trends. Seems like women will do anything to get famous. Last year was a real treat for everyone who wanted to experiment with their makeup techniques, but some of the things you’re about to see may cause shortness of breath and an irresistible urge to repeat “but… why?” over and over. You’ve been warned!
Here are 13 weirdest makeup trends ever (but mostly of 2017).



1. Halo Brows
It’s not really a trend per se, because only a few people have done it, but it’s still a dumb internet idea.



2. Nose Hair Extensions
Wh-… no, NO! You TRIM the nose hair, not make it longer. Jeez, if you’re gonna pretend you’re a human at least try not to stand out.



3. Holographic Hair
Honestly, I like this one, because it looks absolutely lovely! Look at that metallic holo effect.

4. Dyed Armpit Hair
Because why would you not want your armpit bush to be orange, purple or whatever?



5. Wave Brows
Also known as “squiggle brows” on Instagram. This one’s relatively harmless, but also kinda silly.

6. Neon Lips
Perfect for a blacklight party!



7. Geode lips
Weird but also mesmerizing! I’d give it a pass if it wasn’t so horribly impractical.

8. Bubble nails
Just two questions: what and why? I mean, seriously, WHY?



9. Fluffy nails
This is making me extremely uncomfortable. Even animals don’t have fur on their claws.

10. Polishmountain nails
Whether it’s nail polish, eyelashes, liquid lipstick, or highlighter – if you put 100 layers of it on your body it’s gonna suck.



11. Ganguro Girls
Ah, Japan… If there’s something strange in the neighborhood – it probably came from Japan. Ganguro is one of those weird fashion/makeup trends.

12. Caviar Lips
You don’t need actual caviar to partake in this trend. Some tiny beads and wild imagination should do just fine!



13. Corkscrew Nails
The name speaks for itself, but again, WHY? I guess you can use it to torture people but how about going to the bathroom, huh, ladies?