12 People Who Prove Age isn’t a Problem


My birthday was this month, and even though I wasn’t expecting it, I was hit with a wave of anxiety about my age and how little I’ve accomplished so far. So it’s a blessing that I got assigned this article about 12 people who prove that age isn’t a problem — it’s an opportunity!

Julia Hawkins

Julia shows that it’s never too late to start taking care of your body and do sports! She was 81 yers old when she became a runner and athlete. She got the nickname “Hurricane” because of how fast she was, and now, at the age of 102, she still keeps up the running habit!

Julia Hawkins | 12 People Who Prove Age isn’t a Problem | ZestRadar

Maye Musk

I mean, I could say a lot about Maye Musk and how Elon Musk is her son and how she’s managed to accomplish so much in her lifetime. But really, what I’d like to say the most is that OMG she proves that age is not a barrier to looking stylish and good and being amazing.

Maye Musk | 12 People Who Prove Age isn’t a Problem | ZestRadar

Nick Wooster

While we’re on the topic of stylish and cool people, I’d like to talk about my personal favorite — Nick Wooster. He’s a fashion consultant and a street style ICON. He’s been passionate about fashion since middle-school, and his whole life has been dedicated to looking cool as hell and never wearing the same outfit twice. Also, his shoe game is ON POINT.

Nick Wooster | 12 People Who Prove Age isn’t a Problem | ZestRadar

Veruschka von Lehndorff

Veruschka von Lehndorff is 79 yers old and has had a long career as a model, actress, and artist. She took a short hiatus in her career, but now she’s back with a vengeance and absolutely slaying the fashion and modeling game!

Veruschka von Lehndorff | 12 People Who Prove Age isn’t a Problem | ZestRadar

Robert Downey Jr.

Here’s someone who really rose to his peak later in life. Robert Downey Jr. had a very good acting career going for him when he was younger, but he really lit a fire under his butt and propelled into stardom when he was cast as Iron Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Since then he’s had the time, fame, and money to propel all his personal projects. And now that his career as Tony Stark is over, he will continue to use his success to do amazing things.

Robert Downey Jr. | 12 People Who Prove Age isn’t a Problem | ZestRadar

Lauren Hutton

Lauren Hutton is an American model and actress who was very popular in the 80s. However, even now, when she’s 74, she continues to work as a model and she’s really good at it.  

Lauren Hutton | 12 People Who Prove Age isn’t a Problem | ZestRadar

Whang-od Oggay

You’d think that tattoos are a young person’s game, but I’m here to introduce you to Whang-od Oggay. She’s 101 years old (can you imagine?!) and she continues to be a tattoo artist. Moreover, she’s sticking to her guns and keeping to the old-school methods of using needles on a stick and hammering them into people’s skin. Her job would be simpler with a tattoo gun, but she’s doing it her own way — the way she has been doing it for decades! How can you not admire that?!

Whang-od Oggay | 12 People Who Prove Age isn’t a Problem | ZestRadar

Linda Rodin

Linda Rodin is 71 now and is absolutely killing it in the modeling business. She was a model in her youth, but then shifted her career towards photography. She achieved a lot of success as a photographer, but then decided to switch back to modeling after turning 60. And boy, what a return that was! She’s been on magazine covers, been the face of numerous acclaimed brands, and was featured in commercials for.

Linda Rodin | 12 People Who Prove Age isn’t a Problem | ZestRadar

Robert Marchand

Robert Marchand is a French man who is 107 yers old! And he’s not just any French man — he’s a cyclist! At 35 he retired from cycling to be with his family, but at the age of 70 he returned to the sport, and has continued cycling ever since. In 2018 (aged 106) he finished a 4km race in the same stadium where two years prior he set the Guinness World Record as the oldest competitive cyclist in the world.

Robert Marchand | 12 People Who Prove Age isn’t a Problem | ZestRadar

Jim Arrington

Wouldn’t you like to have a body like Jim Arrington’s at his age? Oh, you want to know his age? He’s 86. He’s the world’s oldest competing bodybuilder, and has been one for over 70 years (he started when he was 15). Also, when I say that he’s the “oldest bodybuilder in the world” I mean it. He’s in the Guinness World Book of Records!

Jim Arrington | 12 People Who Prove Age isn’t a Problem | ZestRadar

Iris Apfel

Iris Apfel turned 98 last week. She has been an interior and fashion designer for over 40 years and is the subject of a very good Netflix documentary (I highly recommend that you watch it). She’s been passionate about design and fashion since she was 12, and at the age of 95 she was still modeling as the face of Blue Illusion.

Iris Apfel | 12 People Who Prove Age isn’t a Problem | ZestRadar

Jeffry Life

I’m very self conscious about my body, but Jeffry Life’s story makes it clear to me that it’s never too late to turn your life around and start taking care of yourself. At the age of 80 years old Jeffry proves that you can go from “overweight” to “in very good shape” no matter how old you are. His body transformation journey has made him into a body-building and self-help celebrity.