12 Insanely Creative Celebrity Quote Tattoos


Hey there, I heard you like ink! Not just any ink, I bet, only the finest craftsmanship. I’ve seen my fair share of amazing tattoos live as well as online, but from time to time I see these incredibly talented tattooists on Tumblr or Instagram, and their art just boggles my mind.


Take Jeremy for example. Look at those hyper-precise strokes, those god-like gradients, and, of course, his special skill – writing the stuff famous people said instead of their faces! Yeah, I know, it doesn’t sound too exciting… Until you think of all the possibilities! Remember that stupid meme you really like, like “sho me da wae”? I know, it’s almost dead, but at least I didn’t say “waaazzuuup”, okay? So you can choose pretty much any quote that resonates with you personally, and Jeremy will tat you up in no time!


Meanwhile, let me show you some of his best work – here are the top 10 insanely creative celebrity quote tattoos by Jeremy_D!



1. Eleven from Stranger Things



2. 2pac

3. Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz



4. Johnny Depp from 1990’s Cry Baby

5. David Bowie



6. Amy Winehouse

7. Tyler Durden from Fight Club



8. Oliver “Oli” Sykes from the rock band Bring Me the Horizon

9. Melanie Martinez for Annie



10. Tthe one and only Kanye West

11. Placebo’s Brian Molko



12. Paper boat from ‘It’