12 Exotic Fruits You Never Heard Of


Eating fruit and vegetables is part of a healthy lifestyle. While we all have our favourite fruits like apples, oranges and bananas, there are plenty of exotic fruits that you have probably never heard of. Surprisingly, most of them come from Asia where they are used in local cuisine and home remedies. See if you can find a fruit that you like.



Noni and goji are very popular in America as a new superfood to boost your immune system. While many have heard of the word, they have never actually seen it or tasted them. Noni is rich in potassium and antioxidants which slow down the aging process and fight many diseases.


Breadfruit can be used as both a fruit and vegetable due to its unique texture which changes depending on the ripeness of the fruit. In tropical countries, it substitutes potato and is used in almost any type of dish. When it is super ripe, it becomes sweet and creamy and tastes great raw.



Think of kumquats like of a tiny reverse orange with a sweet peel and tart flesh. It is very popular on its own as well as in desserts, chutneys and modern cuisine.


Lotus Fruit
The Lotus flower is an important part of Eastern culture, while lotus seeds are a delicious snack, the seeds are unusual looking but completely edible and taste like a juicy peanut.


Mangosteen is often referred to as a miracle fruit due to being rich in antioxidants and high in micronutrients which help to fight infection and protect the immune system. The fruit itself is banned in the US as it can cause harm to local agriculture.


Durian has a stinking reputation as it smells like rotten flesh. The fruit is banned in many public places across Asia. However, it is extremely good for you with tons of fibre and many necessary vitamins and minerals. The taste descriptions are usually mixed but many say when you ignore the smell, you are in for a treat with a slightly sweet taste.



Rambutan looks like a chestnut but its shell hides a sweet translucent white flesh with a seed in the middle. It is very nutritious and helps with weight loss. The fruit is similar to lychee but has a creamier sweeter taste.


Pomelo is one of the largest citrus fruits resembling a large grapefruit. The sweet taste is very similar to grapefruit, however, it has way less bitterness. The rind is very thick and is used in some countries to make marmalade and candies.


It is a green fruit with a white flesh which resembles the flesh of a banana. Soursop pulp has a sweet-savoury taste with citrus notes. The fruit is commonly used in beverages as it adds an interesting taste. You can find soursop flavoured tea, fruit juices and smoothies.


Longan fruit comes from the same family as rambutan but has a less distinctive appearance. The Olive-sized flesh has a sweet juicy flavor similar to a grape. It is widely used in desserts in Asia and longan extract is also used in Chinese medicine.



Very similar in looks and uses to breadfruit, except it is much bigger! Native to South-eastern Asia and widely used in everyday recipes there. In Sri Lanka, it is used as a substitute for rice, however, it is popular in sweet dishes as well.


Red banana
Banana is one of the most popular fruits on the planet, but have you seen a red one? It is way smaller than the bananas that you are used to and has a much sweeter taste. Many describe the taste as similar to raspberry or melon. And it’s better for you as well.