11 Greatest Architects in History


Our culture is shaped by what we see and architecture is a huge part of that. The architectural styles not only signify a change in society but also can dictate new ways of thinking. Modern architects have found a way to bring beauty to the cities which surround us and shape our overview.

Antoni Gaudí

La Sagrada Familia is the biggest creation of this architect and it is still under construction today. His style is quite grandiose with the elements of Baroque, Gothic, Moorish and Victorian styles. Visit Barcelona to see his masterpiece live.

Antoni Gaudí | 11 Greatest Architects in History | Zestradar

Frank Lloyd Wright

Frank Wright has really changed 20th-century architecture with fitting geometrical buildings within naturals surroundings. He designed buildings which would complement the landscape, fit in and at the same time showcase their individuality. One of the famous examples is the Guggenheim in New York.

Frank Lloyd Wright | 11 Greatest Architects in History | Zestradar

Leoh Ming Pei

This Chinese born architect managed to incorporate his heritage and geometric forms into one style. Even though it might feel boring, his attention to detail is incredible. He fits the buildings into the surrounding perfectly. One of his famous works is the Louvre pyramid.

Zaha Hadid

The only woman on our list and one of the biggest names in modern architecture. Her futuristic and at the same time very artistic style is well praised around the world as she manages to design both public and private buildings.

Oscar Niemeyer

Niemeyer has definitely changed the way Brasilia looks today. He was inspired by other great architects like Zaha Hadid and Frank Gehry and participated in projects in the US. However, he has chosen to return to Brazil and spend his time improving the look of Brasilia.

Santiago Calatrava

Calatrava doesn’t do anything on minimal settings as all of his building are a bit over the top and attract attention. Combination of futuristic sci-fi and at the same time prominent decorations are signature features of Santiago Calatrava.

Philip Johnson

Philip Johnson isn’t an innovator but he has managed to adapt popular approaches and shape them into something new and unusual. His own house became a good illustration of Mies ideas in Johnson’s postmodern execution.

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Tom Wright

The Burj Al Arab is the most recognizable building in Dubai and the only famous creation of this architect. While it might not seem like a great accomplishment, this building is very luxurious with private helicopter pads, high rise tennis courts and breathtaking views.

Tom Wright | Frank Lloyd Wright | 11 Greatest Architects in History | Zestradar

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

Minimalism might be a smart way to go which was proven by this German architect. Using the original form of the material and accepting from as a function were the main principles he worked with. Rationalism and efficiency were his ways of showing the beauty of the buildings.

Norman Foster

This British architect follows the footsteps of Frank Wright and Mies and takes geometrical design to a new level. The Gherkin skyscraper in London is one of his creations combining triangles and spheres. The building has become one of the symbols of the city and set the trend for future buildings in the area.

Frank Gehry

Another architect whose famous works include the Guggenheim Museum. Gehry’s use of shape and material brings innovation to modern design. Contemporary architecture created by him attracts tourists and enthusiasts from around the world. His use of metal is particularly impressive.