10 Unique People Who Will Hypnotize You With Their Appearance


You know how they say that “looks aren’t everything”, but if you look like some of these Instagram people, you’ll rarely hear something like that. How would you even define “beauty” in the first place?
According to some statistical analysis people in general are more prone to notice the unusual, asymmetrical facial characteristics. The results concluded that the most attractive features are the least average ones, which is not something we experience in our day-to-day life. With all the diversity in the world, it warms my heart that we, as a society, have evolved past dumping ugly babies from a cliff.


What this all really means is that one person’s definition of the “freak of nature”, will be someone else’s love at first sight! After all, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.


These people have embraced who they really are, without blindly following what the archaic stereotypes and the social norms dictate. The game has changed for the better. Here are 10 unique people who will hypnotize you with their appearance.



1. Ilka Brühl Ilka, 26 



2. Tsunaina 

3. Maria 



4. Jeenu M

5. Maeva Giani Marshall 



6. Sarah McDaniel 

7. KIMI 

8. Ralph Souffrant 



9. Sophia Hadjipanteli 

10. Stephen Thompson