10 of the World’s Most Beautiful Stained-Glass Windows


Stained-glass windows were an important part of medieval architecture and can be spotted nowadays in many churches and mosques. Installing stained glass windows takes a lot of planning and skill as there is a wide variety of hues which create amazing effects. From simplistic geometric effects to biblical stories and historic events, stained-glass windows create masterpieces which change with the light. Check out this list of mesmerizing stained-glass windows from around the world.
Sainte-Chapelle, France
Fifteen very tall windows represent all the important things in Medieval France – history, society and biblical stories, of course. This church will surprise you with its grandiosity and extensive gothic details. It is also one of the oldest full stained-glass collections in the world.

Reims Cathedral, France
Notre-Dame de Reims (don’t confuse it with Notre-Dame de Paris) is a famous location for kings coronation in France. It took almost 2 centuries to build but it’s amazing stained-glass windows were totally worth it. The contribution to repairing and adding new stained-glass windows has continued throughout 700 years.


Santuário Dom Bosco, Brazil
The Don Bosco Sanctuary is one of the modern creations which has become one of the symbols of Brasilia and is often depicted on postcards. While the exterior is quite plain, the interior is filled with bright blue light from 80 stained-glass windows. It was selected as one of the wonders of Brasil and now we can see why.

La Sagrada Familia, Spain
The work on this cathedral started in 1882 and it still remains unfinished. The original plans have been the main guideline for construction, however, due to lead architect changes it got a new twist. Large glass-stained windows feature bright geometric ornaments which are a recent (modern) addition to this old cathedral.

Nasir Al-Mulk Mosque, Iran
Known as Pink Mosques, this wonder of Islamic architecture presents fantastic stained-glass windows which create a magical atmosphere. Morning light emphasizes the beauty of glass making it the best time to visit. The combination of pink tiles and bright patterns also make it look like a kaleidoscope.

Coventry Cathedral, UK
This 14th-century Gothic cathedral was heavily bombed during World War II and it was decided not to rebuild it from ruins. However, remains of old stained-glass windows were saved and are now being displayed in a new church built nearby – St. Michael’s Cathedral which has its own set of amazing stained glass.


York Minster, UK
This great cathedral features the largest and oldest stained-glass window in the world with glass which is 600 years old. The windows were designed by John Thornton of Coventry who is the first named artist in Britain. The design depicts biblical figures and upcoming apocalypse.

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Window, USA
Frank Lloyd Wright was a 20th-century American architect who believed that everything should be connected within one building. Therefore, he has designed glass-stained windows in an abstract style. The glass has become an important part of his organic architecture approach.

Grossmünster Zürich, Germany
We have seen geometric and biblical stories’ display but this one is somewhat special. This stained glass window features Polke’s abstract compositions which fill the room with warm light. These windows are a rather new addition to a thousand-year-old cathedral breaking up stone walls with a splash of light.


Thanks-Giving Square, Texas, USA
This bright spiral is located in the heart of the private park inside the white chapel. It was designed in 1977 to resemble a circle of life taking inspiration from Iranian mosque. The windows are made of 73 glass panels which makes it one of the largest horizontally laid stained glass windows.